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Father's Day cakes

Photo: sarahsloft, spiffycakes / Instagram

Father’s Day is coming up and you’ve got everything prepared – a nice manly gift and maybe a dinner reservation at a good restaurant — now all that’s left is to end the night on a sweet note with a special cake.

There are lots of places to get a cake from in Singapore but perhaps its worth taking your search to Instagram and getting dear ol’ dad something a little more customised. So check out these 12 Instagram Bakers to order Father’s Day cakes from. Whether your dad has a sweet tooth or not, he’ll be heartened by this special cake designed in a golf ball or his favourite movie, or whatever else he enjoys. Just make sure you get your order in early!


1. Bloomsbury Bakers (@bloomsburybakers)

Opened by two friends who graduated from the famous Le Cordon Bleu London culinary school, Bloomsbury Bakers’ Instagram feed is indeed #cakegoals. They can whip up beautiful designs in buttercream and customise 3D cakes in fondant like this Liverpool cake.

If your dad is a football fanatic, you get what to get him for Father’s Day!




2. Spiffy Cakes (@spiffycakes)

Spiffy Cakes specialises in customised buttercream cakes. From unicorn cakes to a luggage-inspired cake, you’ll be surprised by the many designs she can whip up. She has even designed a buttercream beer cake.

Now, isn’t that something the old man will like?


3. Baker’s Brew (@bakersbrewstudio)

Baker’s Brew is one of the household names in the Instagram baking scene. Not only do they have an impressive range of cake flavours, they also have customisation services and hands-on baking classes.

Maybe it’s time to sign up for a class and bake Dad a cake this Father’s Day!


4. Sarah’s Loft (@sarahsloft)


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From the creator of Maple and Market, Sarah’s masterpieces are dainty and very, very pretty. But fret not if they aren’t ideal for a Father’s Day cake.

Besides floral cakes, she also has watercolour cakes like this grey Father’s Day one.


5. The Frosted Chick (@thefrostedchick)

Get your phones ready. This cheeky poker cake will be the highlight of the day, even Dad will be spamming pictures on Facebook.


6. Homebakee (@homebakee)


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You can never go wrong with chocolate cake. But chocolate cake with gold drips and macarons? You definitely need to get this for the fam.


7. Cooqies (


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Be over-the-top this year with this stunning lychee coconut cake with gold sails by Cooqies. We bet everyone including Dad will be giving their seal of approval.


8. Crème Maison Bakery (@crememaisonbakery)

Express your love for Dad with this two-tiered black and gold buttercream cake. Doesn’t it just scream class and style?

He’ll be spamming pictures of the cake on Facebook for sure.


9. Susanne Ng (@susanne.decochiffon)


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If you thought this was a soft toy, think again. Susanne Ng’s cakes look surreal, almost too much like plushies. Specialising in chiffon cakes, her designs are inspired by cartoon characters and food like hamburgers, dim sum and nasi lemak.

Super adorbs!


10. Monice Bakes (@monicebakes)


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Monice Bakes offers customised sweet treats, including cakes, cupcakes and cookies. If your dad is a fan of Marvel or you see him as your superhero, you need to get him this Hulk cake.


11. Cake Box SG (@cakeboxsg)


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Huat ah! The old man will be all smiles when he sees this cake. If only these gold bars and $1000 notes were real though.


12. Jo Takes The Cake (@jotakesthecake)


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If your dad is a Star Wars fan, you’ve got to get him this fondant cake.