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Following the wise words of Queen Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake”, let’s talk about chocolate cake. We all have our expectations of what makes a good one: it has to be sweet, moist, not too fluffy, and have a rich chocolate flavour.

Life is too short to waste your calories on a bad chocolate cake – a good one is the universe’s way of making up for a bad day.

Whether you’re looking up things to do this Valentine’s Day, heeding Marie Antoinette’s advice or just craving chocolate, here’s where to find the best chocolate cakes in Singapore.

Any one of these will make Bruce from Matilda cry with pleasure.  


1. Lana Cake Shop (Lana Cakes)

Photo: Instagram/lovelanacakes

Lana Cake Shop is probably one of the first places you think about when it comes to really good chocolate cake. The sole outlet at Greenwood Avenue has been in business since 1964, and even though its founder Violet Kwan retired in 2016, the cakes are still going strong.

Everyone’s all-time-favourite choc cake ($44 for 800g) is moist, smooth and not overpowering, with a thick, shiny fudge all around it.  

You need to place an order at least a week in advance as it’s almost impossible to score a cake without an advance booking. 

Lana Cake Shop is at 36 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289239, tel: 6466 5315.


2. Matt’s The Chocolate Shop

Photo: Instagram/ goawaylobster

Matt’s The Chocolate Shop opened in 2012 and aims to deliver the ultimate chocolate experience with its rich fudge cakes.

Containing up to 60 per cent dark chocolate, the Whole Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake ($30 for 500g, $50 for 1kg) is smothered in chocolate ganache and fills the senses with an aromatic cocoa flavour.

Want to pamper yourself with an afternoon high tea? The Small Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake ($4 each) is a popular choice. It’s so good, you won’t be able to stop at one.

Matt’s The Chocolate Shop is at 122 Tembeling Road, Singapore 423621, tel: 6557 2274.


3. Awfully Chocolate

Photo: Instagram/ awfullychocolatesg

The homegrown brand makes all its cakes by hand every day.  

The All Chocolate Cake ($34 for 6-inch, $68 for 8-inch) has two layers of soft, moist chocolate sponge, with a layer of chocolate fudge in between. The fudge is made from Awfully Chocolate’s own in-house chocolate and has a unique roasted flavour. 

Their other chocolate fudge cakes come with bananas, cherries or rum. 

Awfully Chocolate has a number of outlets islandwide. Visit here for locations.


4. Chocolate Origin

Photo: Instagram/ chocolateorigin

Chocolate Origin’s Original Chocolate Cake (from $32.80 for 6-8 pax) is a crowd pleaser. Its heavenly combination of rich luscious chocolate ganache, chocolate sponge layers, and chocolate glaze topping makes for a luscious, creamy explosion in the mouth. If you don’t like it too sweet, their dark chocolate version is perfectly bittersweet.  

There is also an equally rich Cuppa Lava Cake, which has vanilla ice-cream on the bottom, a warm chocolate cake on top, and oozing chocolatey “lava” inside. Chocolate Origin has several outlets. Visit here for locations.


5. Jane’s Cake Station

Photo: Instagram/ mshannahchia

Jane’s Cake Station offers just two cakes: a Durian Cake for those who love desserts featuring the thorny fruit and a Chocolate Fudge Cake ($38 for 8-inch, $58 for 10-inch). Both are amazing.

What do we like about the chocolate cake? It has an old-school taste and nostalgic feel to it. 

Jane’s Cake Station is at 265 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799493, tel: 6481 1322.


6. Four Leaves

Photo: Instagram/ marchingseason

Four Leaves is more well-known for its freshly made bread and value-for-money mini buns.

But this bakery chain has a Coco Exotic Cake ($31 for 4-6 pax; $42 for 7-10 pax) that is so chocolatey and rich, you’d think it came from a high-end patisserie.

The crunchy hazelnut base adds texture to the moist cake, which is layered with fresh chocolate cream and topped with fresh fruits and chocolate bits.  

Four Leaves has several outlets. Visit here for locations.


7. Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Photo: Instagram/ LaurentBernardChocolatier

For something truly decadent (and when you can’t decide what kind of chocolate you like more) the Three Chocolate Cake ($49 for 500g, $98 for 1kg) from French artisan patisserie Laurent Bernard Chocolatier is your best bet. 

As the name suggests, you get three kinds of chocolate here – silky white, milk and dark chocolate – layered with dark chocolate sponge. It’s the best of all worlds in one bite.

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier has several outlets. Visit here for locations.


8. Vicky’s 

Photo: Instagram/ vickyscake

Vicky’s is known for its Signature Fudge Cake ($44 for 800g, $55 for 1kg) — a classic, retro-style chocolate sponge that’s generously coated with the bakery’s signature chocolate fudge.

Dark, rich and super addictive, this slab of chocolate goodness is the perfect cake for a child’s – oh, let’s be honest, adult’s – birthday party.

Vicky’s is at #02-K47, Bukit Timah Plaza, 1 Jalan Anak Bukit, Singapore 588996, tel: 6466 4000.