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So you thought we were done with the salted egg trend? Think again. These bakeries and cafes have rolled out their latest salted egg yolk creations in an attempt to rekindle your affection for the humble ingredient.


Volcano Lava Cookie with Salted Egg White Caramel Ice Cream, $9.90, Creamery Boutique Ice Creams

Image: Creamery Boutique Ice Creams

The sight of salted egg yolk sauce pouring from carefully sliced croissants and lava cakes no longer excites us. But salted egg sauce in a cookie? We were intrigued.

Behold the newest item on the menu at Creamery Boutique Ice Cream, known for its popular lava cookie desserts.

With a flick of the wrist, our server pops a generous scoop of Salted Egg White Caramel ice cream, made with the egg whites only, on top of an unassuming black cookie in a little pan and molten salted egg lava spills forth.

And boy, did the cookie overfloweth – the flowing sauce was a spectacle to behold. Cutting into the dense crumb of the charcoal cookie, it came apart at the fork easily but held its brownie-like texture without getting soggy despite being drenched in sauce.

While the ice cream itself didn’t manage to distinguish itself from other salted caramel ice creams on the market, the combination with the chewy cookie, which had just the right amount of sweetness, and the silky salted egg yolk sauce managed to win us over.

​#01-03, 139 Tyrwhitt Road


Salted Egg Yolk Charcoal Waffle with Taro Ice Cream, $8.90, Wolf Burgers

Easties, you’re in luck. Wolf Burgers recently launched its Salted Egg Yolk Charcoal Waffle with Taro Ice Cream, a playful take on the standard brunch item, exclusively available at their Changi City Point outlet.

We like the interesting choice to pair taro and salted egg yolk, two foods that are commonly celebrated in local cafes but rarely appear together in a dish. And we rejoiced in the holy matrimony between the pronounced taste of taro and the viscous, rich sauce, served in just the right amount such that it didn’t overwhelm the other components.

The charcoal waffles were fluffy and light, and complemented the boldness of both the sauce and the creamy ice cream. A topping of crushed cornflakes also gave the dessert a nice crunch.

#01-43 Changi City Point, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1


Salted Egg Maple Pie, $52 for 9-inch pie, Elijah Pies

A local twist on the classic all-American pecan pie? Initially, we were sceptical. Many home-bakers and cafes tout “local-inspired” dishes that are essentially some variation of Western fare that has been indiscriminately doused in gula melaka, chilli crab or, of course, salted egg sauces. We wondered if the same methodology was applied to create this pie.

But from the very first mouthful, we knew we’d stumbled upon a gem.

Before we get to the delightful filling, let’s talk about crusts. The best tart crusts are buttery, crumbly and solid but not hard – Elijah Pies’ crusts are all of those things. Filled with a creamy salted egg yolk mixture (using the perfect crust-to-filling ratio) and slathered in a film of maple glaze, the dessert is a nexus between Asian and ang moh flavours that works surprisingly well without being overpowering, given the distinctive tastes of the main ingredients. The roasted pecans running along the rim of the pie also add a nice bit of texture to it.

Can’t finish an entire pie? You can find Elijah Pies in cake displays at Lola’s Cafe, Strangers’ Reunion and The Coffee Daily, too.

Available at


Salted Egg Prata Pizza, $12 for 10-inch pie, Big Street

The people behind highly Instagrammable gushing mess that is the Salted Egg Prata Bom are back with a new salted egg yolk creation, the Salted Egg Prata Pizza.

First, a disclaimer: this one isn’t exactly a dessert. Topped with liberal amounts of mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar cheese, it’s as savoury as any traditional pizza. The crust – layers of prata dough sodden with a thinned out salted egg sauce – was crisp and flaky around the edges but got a bit soggy towards the middle portion. To our dismay, even after we sprinkled salted egg powder and chilli flakes on to the pizza, the cheese quickly claimed dominion over the dish and it was difficult to discern any salted egg beneath it. Thankfully, the acidity and sweetness from the chunks of fruit – kiwi, strawberry, blueberry and pineapple – helped to cut through the grease.

Our verdict: This prata-pizza hybrid is more for avid cheese lovers and it’s definitely meant for sharing (one slice was enough for us), but we like the innovative approach Big Street took to incorporate the ever-popular salted egg sauce into different cuisines.

104/106 Jalan Besar


Pong Pong Cake, $8.80, The Icing Room and BreadTalk

Image: BreadTalk

Salted egg dishes are often very heavy, so this fluffy castella cake is a welcome change. Unlike other versions of the castella cake that have popped up in the recent months, BreadTalk’s Pong Pong Cake has bright orange salted egg bits nestled in the soft sponge to add a Singaporean twist to the popular Japanese treat.

We’ll be honest, there is something deeply satisfying about the way the delicate cake wobbles feebly under the light pressure of a bread knife as we gingerly cut into it. The flavour is very pleasant, subtly sweet with just a touch of saltiness from the salted egg. But it’s that lovely jiggle that will bring us back for more.

Available at The Icing Room outlets in Nex and Jurong Point. From August, the cake will also be available at BreadTalk outlets in Chinatown Point, Novena Square, Toa Payoh, Paragon and Westgate.

Salted Egg Puff Pastry, $1.80, Amelia’s Bakery

Something for the more health-conscious fans of salted egg yolk (as sacrilegious as that sounds). All the baked goods sold at Amelia’s Bakery are made with wholegrain flour and coconut sugar, which has a low glycemic index, making them suitable for diabetics.

And it shows. Bite into through the crisp, flaky crust of the Salted Egg Puff Pastry and you get to a mildly eggy, grainy filling with the slightest hint of coconut that tastes healthy.

Not in a bad way. In fact, it’s one of the few salted egg snacks that doesn’t leave you racked with guilt and feeling a little gross after. It may get a little dry though, so have it with a hot cup of Camomile tea as a midday treat. The bakery also makes a Salted Egg Cake ($4.80 per slice), a cheese sponge with salted egg yolk foam.

#01-524 Blk 820 Tampines Street 81