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It’s nearly Friday! If you are eagerly waiting to end this week by hitting up a bar and tossing back a tipple, we have you covered.

We’ve curated some new, as well as older (but good) bars with fresh drinks you need to try.


1) The Other Room’s Secret Cocktail

We absolutely adore The Other Room for being such a secretive and hard to find bar – it’s hidden behind a nondescript wooden panel-door no one would give a second look to, in the Mariott Tang Plaza Hotel lobby. 

But it’s not just the location that has us intrigued, The Other Room recently unveiled a secret menu which can only be unlocked through a passport you can purchase for $10. Here’s how it works: Once you fill all the pages of the passport by trying all the drinks listed, you’ll have enough stamps to be able to order from the super exclusive secret menu not many have laid eyes on. 

We’re not going to spoil it for you, but we’ll say this – the new cocktails are evocative, and they’ll sweep you to different places and bring back fond memories just by engaging your senses, like smell and taste.

But if you would rather not invest time in unlocking the secret menu, one good reason for you to still visit The Other Room is that oysters are on the house for the ladies if you order a bubbly cocktail or a bottle of champagne – one oyster for each bubbly cocktail or glass of champagne, and a whole platter of ’em if you get a bottle of bubbly. Get ready to shuck all night. 

Address: 320 Orchard Road, #01-05 Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, 238865

Opening hours: (Mon – Thu) 6pm – 3am, (Fri – Sun) 6pm – 4am




2) The Apothecary

The Apothecary is the place to be if you’re the kind of girl who loves experiences and would enjoy getting hands-on with your drinks. At this medieval pharmacy themed bar, you can mix, alter and concoct your drinks, which come by the ingredients in a wooden tray. 

Our favourite was the Croak and Wheeze Relief, which comprises of Glenfiddich 12-year-old whisky infused with honey sage syrup, citrus, before being finished with cigar smoke. We got to pick up a pair of tweezers and mix pale sage leaves straight into the drink to up the level of botanicals, and drip liquified orange bitters into a drink till it becomes satisfactorily sweet or bitter, depending on your taste.

All the drinks are ‘remedies’ to maladies you may have – such as the Sailor Painkiller (made from Sailor Jerry rum) or Pearly White Polish (an aged whiskey that is accompanied by a scratch made, edible toothpaste).

But if you wanna get straight to drinking and don’t want that much interaction, get the Blood Orange Negroni, which comes with a small slice of orange that’s been filled with the jello version of the drink. Pop it then sip it. 

The Apothecary room is hidden on the third floor of Oxwell & Co, a room people would easily miss if they didn’t already know it was there. The space is an intimate one, seating 12 people at most, so it might be helpful to make reservations before going down.

Address:  Oxwell & Co, 5 Ann Siang Road, 069688

Opening hours: (Daily) 12pm – 12am


3) Lulu’s Lounge

Opened in April 2017 by the brains behind Employees Only and Bang Bang, Lulu’s Lounge is styled after a 1960s New York back alley club that ironically oozes with class. Enter the club by sweeping aside thick, velvet curtains to find plush leather sofas and swanky glass cabinets filled with jewels and knick-knacks that presumably belong to Lulu. You’ll find it easy to lounge back as a jazz singer serenades you from the stage with a vintage mike with her sultry voice.


But let us warn you, Lulu’s Lounge has a bit of a split personality. The classiness is juxtaposed with rough brick walls that have been liberally ribboned with lines of graffiti and street paintings. And that jazz singer we talked about earlier? Be prepared to see her swap places with burlesque dancers and DJs who’ll be spinning beats to shuffle your feet to.

We enjoyed the Va Va Voom, a deliciously spicy cocktail with rolled cucumber slices to help you recover from the heat, and the Double Espresso Martini, a well blended and balanced coffee martini with all the right notes of sweetness, bitterness, and acidity. But if you’re a lady, make sure to take advantage of the free flow prosecco on Wednesday nights from 9 – 12am.



Address: 7 Raffles Boulevard Pan Pacific Hotel

Opening hours: (Wednesdays) 7pm – 4am, (Fridays and Saturdays) 9pm – 6am