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12 boozy desserts in Singapore to leave you feeling intoxicated

1. Dome from Henri Charpentier

A theatrical dessert that is flambéed with liqueur to reveal an icy-cold strawberry parfait within the sphere. A spoonful of the citrusy-sweet insides combined with the booze-infused, hot melted chocolate is an explosion of tastes and the senses.

181 Orchard Road, #01-18 Central, tel: 6479 5518

2. Coconut Lime Vodka Pie from Windowsill in the Woods


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An adults-only pie that features a zesty lime curd injected with surprising cubes of vodka-infused jelly and topped with a wedge of lime and a dollop of coconut cream.

95 Soo Chow Walk, tel: 9004 7827     

3. Petitte France from Mad About Sucre


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There are so many components to this indulgent dessert. The texture feels like an ice-cream cake, but it’s really made out of a thick nougat mousse with almond bits atop a thin base crafted from a Moroccan spiced biscuit. Sour apricot gel helps to cut through the richness of the mousse, while the French whisky glaze gives it a sweet fragrance.

27 Teo Hong Road, tel: 6221 3969

4. Keep Popping Spheres from Stray by Fatcat


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We recommend enjoying the spheres starting from the refreshingly light lime (mixed with rum and osmanthus); making your way down to the slightly heavier lychee (mixed with rose and lime); and then finishing off with the most intense mandarin orange (mixed with Shiraz red wine and lemon). Encased in a thin membrane, each sphere explodes in the mouth to reveal a gastronomic symphony of flavours.

181 Orchard Road, #04-22A/23 Orchard Central, tel: 6835 7317

5. Sake Kasu Cheesecake from PatisserieG


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Perhaps not as Insta-worthy as PatisserieG’s other desserts, this baked cheesecake is nevertheless just as indulgent in taste. Rich and creamy, it contains macerated fruit bits and is infused with sake kasu—the latter refers to the lees left over from sake production.

9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-40 Millenia Walk, tel: 6338 7578

6. Lychee Martini Cake from The Pine Garden


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This traditional bakery fuses the old and the modern together to create beautiful confections that are not only visual sights to behold, but are really delicious, too. One of the most popular is the lychee martini, which boasts pink sponge cake layers lathered generously with buttercream. The alcohol in it is light and subtle, and the sweetness of the lychee flavour gets the final say.

529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-2369, tel: 6459 5507

7. Cheng Teng Gao from Little Bastard


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An intoxicating cocktail dressed up as the eponymous cooling dessert that is a staple in most hawker centres. There are the familiar ingredients like pearl barley, white fungus, red dates, dried longan and gingko nuts, but these are given a grown-up touch courtesy of a dash of brandy.

115 King George’s Ave, tel: 8459 9893

8. Eau De Champagne by Non Entrée Desserts

Created for Valentine’s Day, this elegant creation features a floral-shaped base, sugar daisies and a folded white chocolate crown. But it’s not just a visual treat; inside, you’re privy to a refreshingly sweet combination of champagne-infused mousse, berries and lychee.

204 Rangoon Road, tel: 9878 6543

9. Terrarium by Epiphyte


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We strongly recommend you ordering a shot of rum to go with the Terrarium, which is made of green sponge cake, dark chocolate soil, cubes of apple compote and fresh mint custard. The boozy kick is poured and mixed into the “garden” to add an additional depth to the sweet treat.

47 Neil Rd, tel: 9451 8873

10. Cherry Brandy Cheesecake from Chezcake Bistro


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Bold brandy-soaked cherries that give a tangy-sweet kick to an otherwise conventional cheesecake on a simple biscuit base. A great way to elevate the usual New York cheesecake.  

328 Joo Chiat Road, #01-05, tel: 6346 6466

11. Atas Kinder Bueno from Fat Lulu’s


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Desserts at Fat Lulu’s mostly appear “deconstructed” – that is, a gastronomical mess – but we guarantee they are absolutely delish. Take the Atas Kinder Bueno for instance, which is really the Kinder Bueno chocolate snack taken apart. There are four components to the dessert: Bailey’s hazelnut ice cream, chocolate sponge cake, milk chocolate Chantilly cream and bitter chocolate sherbet that while great on their own, are even better when you savour them all together in one bite.  

297 River Valley Rd, tel: 9236 5002

12. Cassis Plum from 2am:dessert bar


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The Cassis Plum ranks as one of doyenne of desserts Janice Wong’s most famous creations, thanks to a brief appearance on MasterChef Australia, where the contestants were asked to recreate the purple beauty. The recipe is out there to be replicated to the letter, but if you’d rather have it made for you, head to late-night dessert bar 2am for the sweet treat comprising of a cassis bombe with elderflower yogurt foam, choya (ume plum wine) granita, yuzu pearls and yuzu rubies.

21a Lorong Liput, tel: 6291 9727