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Although the famous flatbread typically divides food lovers into two camps — thin or thick crust — the comfort that a hot piping pizza can bring us is something that everyone seems to agree on. Even better if these doughy creations are baked in a wood-fired brick oven, as this brings out a smoky, crispy, bubbly, charred texture that just can’t be compared to a pie cooked in a normal oven. Everyone knows a perfectly executed wood-fired pizza is tantamount to edible art.

It might be some ways more to World Pizza Day (that’s on Feb 9), but you don’t really need a specified day to get some pizza, do you? So call on your best food buddies and devour on these wood-fired pizzas that make the choice between the thin or thick crust a hard pick (oh why bother arguing, just get both). Here are our pick of the nine best places where you can get wood-fired pizzas in Singapore.


1. Al Forno (East Coast)

Made with a traditional wood fired oven, Al Forno’s pizzas are known for their crispy crust and fresh dough base. Set up in 1995, the pizza place prides itself in its fresh ingredient imports, such as peeled tomatoes and cheeses which are brought directly from Italy. It is no wonder that Al Forno’s pizzas embody that authentic Italian taste.

These ingredients take the spotlight in the classic Pizza Bufala ($28), with its simple recipe of just tomato sauce topped with buffalo cheese and basil spread on a wood-fired pizza dough. But if you are looking for something more adventurous, try the Calzone ($26) — a folded pizza with mozzarella cheese, ham and mushroom served with a side of tomato sauce. The Pizza Al Salmon ($27) is also another interesting choice, served with tomato sauce, smoked salmon, whipped cream and Italian cherry tomatoes.

At 400 East Coast Road, Singapore 428996, tel: 63488781. Visit


2. Zazz Pizza

Located around the Little India and Bencoolen area, Zazz Pizza is a casual dining spot that serves house-made pizzas. Its pizza dough is hand-stretched by its chefs, topped with its signature toppings and baked with, of course, its wood fired oven.

A traditional pick would be its classic Margherita pizza ($16), that is made with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese topped with fresh basil. But if you are looking for something a tad different, try the Quattro Stagioni ($24) which has toppings such as artichokes, mushrooms, ham and pepperoni, egg tomatoes and mozzarella. The pizza place also offers a build your own pizza option, if you are up for the challenge of becoming a pizza connoisseur yourself.

Be as creative as you wish with your 12 inch pizza ($16), with whatever choice of toppings (a minimum of two is required) you fancy. Meats are $4 per topping and others are $2 each. It’s an option that would satisfy the most finicky of pizza lovers.

At 1A Short St, #01-03 Singapore 188210, tel: 81999099. Visit:


3. Pizza Fabbrica

Pizza Fabbrica serves traditional wood-fired pizzas but presents its pies with its own contemporary twist, by taking the best of traditional pizza recipes and enhancing their flavours with new combinations of ingredients and spices. Only the freshest produce is used here.

The Capricciosa Pizza ($24) is a classic bread, topped with mushrooms, prosciutto cotto (York Ham), and taggiasca olives, paired with ingredients such as Fior di Latte (soft cow’s milk mozzarella) and artichokes that give it its modern edge.Similarly, the pizza house pairs the milky taste of the Fior di Latte with the more classic ingredients typically used in making the Tonno E Cipolle ($20) and Prosciutto Crudo Con Rucola ($26) pizzas, heightening their tastes with unconventional flavours.

At 69/70 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199483, tel: 62910434. Visit:


4. Pizerria L’Operetta

Pizzeria L’Operetta is a casual dining spot, boasting an Italian Renaissance mural that takes centrestage as well as a high ceiling with hanging bulbs for an industrial touch. But it’s no surprise its the pies that we should focus on.

The dough made in the pizza house has been awarded the Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana certification, ensuring that every preparation step and ingredient that goes into making its pizzas is of top quality. Ingredients are fresh, all-natural and non-processed, and are imported from province of Naples in Campania region.

Some of its must tries include the Diavola ($26), a tomato-sauce based pizza with mozzarella, salami, chilli and parmesan and the Bella Napoli ($34) with buffalo mozzarella, parma ham, rocket, fresh tomato and parmesan. Some of its homemade pastas are also worth a try, with the Chitarra Carbonara ($22) and Tagliatelle Bolonese ($22) being some of the menu standouts.

At 12 Gopeng St, #01-78-81 Icon Village Singapore, tel: 62229487.Visit: 


5. Cicheti


What’s better than one pizza? Four pizzas fresh out of the oven! #Cicheti #ItalyMeetsCicheti

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As its name suggests, Cicheti, established in 2013, serves savoury snacks or small side dishes, much like those served in Venice’s bàcari, or wine bars. The restaurant wants to encourage the concept of ‘high-street food’ through its offerings, with the hope that their meals will also reflect the mouthwatering diversity of Italy’s foodscape.

One of its highlights is its authentic Neapolitan pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. You can choose from red-based or white based pizzas. The classic and comforting Napoletana ($18), which is the pizza you often see in #foodporn posts, will satisfy most, served with a crispy crust topped with anchovies, garlic, oregano, olives and basil.

For the adventurous, go for the Bismark ($26), which comes with fior de latte cheese, ham, mushrooms, a soft runny egg and parmesan. The Quatro Formaggi ($24), which has the fior de latte, fontina, gorgonzola and parmesan cheeses, is also a delicious mix of sweet and savoury when you add greek honey (additional $3).

At 52 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198901, tel 62925012. Visit:



6. Alt. Pizza

Alt. Pizza is a contemporary pizza restaurant that serves alternative (geddit?) fire-wood pizzas at affordable prices. The place uses the freshest ingredients, and is known for its dough that’s freshly made daily from a blend of French sourced flour and a signature sauce pressed from California Sporito Vine-Ripened Tomatoes. Each pie is built from scratch upon order and fire-baked to 500 degrees to lock in the flavours.

You can choose from a variety of 11 inch pizzas, including innovative offerings such as Truffle Shuffle, made with white béchamel sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, roasted onions, mushrooms and more importantly, truffle oil chicken fennel sausages.

Or try the cheekily-named Beefy Affair, which has mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, roasted mushrooms and chopped Australian beef meatballs on vine-ripened tomato sauce. There’s also a “Design-It-Yourself” option, where you can come up with your own unique pizza combination to prove to your pals that you’re a true gourmet.

Alt. Pizza has several outlets. Visit:


7. La Pizzaiola

La Pizzaiola came about because its owners remember fondly a small, cosy pizzeria they used to frequent in Tuscany that is helmed by a warm lady pizza maker. They hope their own spot evokes the same emotions and experience, by offering dishes that display true authenticity to their Italian roots.

Hearty, fresh ingredients are used and its pizzas are made with homemade organic pizza dough. Seafood lovers can dig into the Gamberi e Calamari ($22), which features prawns and squid in pesto sauce, along with other pizza essentials such as tomato sauce, mozzarella and garlic. The Carnivora ($23) boasts bacon, beef sausages, porcini mushrooms and red onion, along with the usual tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

La Pizzaiola has several outlets. Visit:


8. Spizza

Spizza, which first opened in 2012, has won over the hearts of many locals with its wallet-friendly yet authentic thin-crusted wood-fired crust pizzas and tasty Italian dishes. Its pizzas are reliable yet delicious and are catered to Singaporeans’ preferences, albeit with an experimental touch. Only the freshest ingredients that are mostly sourced from Italy are used.

For vegetarian options, Claudia (without cheese, $18 for medium $22 for large) is a popular choice, served with bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms and artichokes. For meat lovers however, some must-tries include Helena and Juliana, both priced at $18 for medium $22 for large. Helena’s special ingredients include grilled chicken in pesto sauce and bell peppers whereas Juliana’s is a more reliable option, with mozzarella, cooked ham and pineapple.

Spizza has multiple locations. Visit:


9. Sideways

This relatively new kid on the block located in Little India (it opened in the middle of 2018) is a Mediterranean-inspired tapas bar with a wood-fired brick oven that’s built from scratch. We love the rustic and homely interior of the place, with its bare bricked walls and beautiful floor tiles, but we love its fresh, wood-fired offerings even more.

Although it’s best known for its divine sourdough bread — it serves as the base for many a dish, such as the Sicilian Surprise ($20) that sees its toast topped with spicy Italian sausage, creamy burrata and poached eggs — Sideways holds monthly “pizza nights”, where it serves fresh wood-fired sourdough pizzas that are made with a mix of white and rye flour and topped with the freshest ingredients available.

Pizza nights are usually at the end of the month and they start from 5pm. Only limited pieces are available for the day. Check its Instagram page for the exact dates (the next is July 31, 2019).