Where to get great Japanese souffle pancakes in Singapore

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Japanese souffle pancakes, are the softer, thicker version of regular pancakes. They are so soft you feel like you’re eating a cloud. They also usually take about 15-25 minutes to prep since the batter has to be freshly made to get that great texture.

But it seems that people don’t mind the wait, looking at how the two new Japanese pancake houses Riz Labo Kitchen (from Tokyo) and Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe (from Osaka), have really long queues ever since they came to Singapore about a month ago. But they’re not the only places to serve souffle pancakes. Read on to find out where to get them as well as what you can order when there.


1. Hoshino Coffee


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With all the limelight on the newer pancake houses around, it’s easy to forget one of the original places that brought souffle pancakes to Singapore. Hoshino Coffee has lovely souffle pancakes ($9.80) that are soft, moist, warm, and delicious even on its own.

Let it soak up some maple or honey syrup, spread some of that whipped salted butter, and enjoy. If you want, you could add ice cream too or go for the matcha version. But if you don’t mind going over the top and your friend’s birthday is coming soon, treat them to a huge 3 tiered birthday pancake, topped with fresh cream and berries ($29.80). It’s actually a steal given it’s good for six people.

Also on the menu: Seasonal pancakes and brunch specials – mini pancakes with Japanese omelette souffles and sides of bacon, steak or smoked salmon.

Hoshino Coffee has various outlets islandwide, including Orchard ION, Plaza Singapura and Capitol Piazza.


2. Belle-Ville Pancafe Cafe


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This tiny cafe, tucked away in a corner of Bugis Junction often has really long queues that curl around the shop, so be sure to go off-peak if you can, or risk having to wait for an hour or so. The pancakes are tasty and incredibly soft. You don’t need a knife to eat them – simply a fork or even a spoon will do the job.

And let’s talk about the toppings, there are so many varieties to try. You can get pancakes with grilled apple, mixed berrie, chocolate and banana, mango, and the classic Japanese option of matcha with red bean and mochi.

Also on the menu: Chocolate and strawberry parfaits as well as an assortment of sandwiches in case you want something savoury to offset the sweetness.

Bell-Ville Pancake Cafe is at Bugis Junction, 230 Victoria St. Find it near Bugis Mrt Exit C on the ground floor.


3. Riz Labo Kitchen


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The famous Riz Labo Kitchen’s only going to be around until 20 October 2018, as it’s only a temporary popup in Bar Nippon. Combine that fact with how it’s a pretty small space with only 20 seats, you need to mentally brace yourself for the long wait. Should you try it though? Well…Taste-wise, it’s quite similar to Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe’s pancakes, but we think it’s still worth visiting – at least to try the blueberry and peach pancakes, which we haven’t seen anywhere else.

Also, look at that thick stack of pancakes, the oozing mound of Hokkaido cream, and fresh fruit garnish. C’mon, how do you resist that?

Also on the menu: Classic souffle pancakes with cream, chocolate ice cream pancakes, strawberry pancakes, and matcha with red bean pancakes.

Riz Labo Kitchen is at Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Rd. Find it on the 4th floor in Bar Nippon, Japan Food Town.

*Note: It is open till 5pm, before Bar Nippon opens for business.



4. Miam Miam

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Miam Miam is a French Japanese Cafe which uses only fresh and sustainable ingredients. The pancakes there are a little firmer, but still yummy. If you have a soft spot for matcha desserts, get the Ultimate Matcha Pancake ($13.80++), a matcha infused pancake that’s served with matcha soft serve, matcha sauce, almond crumble and strawberries. A perfect tea-time indulgence.

Drop by from 2.30pm – 5.30pm on any day to get it for just $10.90++, and you’ll get a free drink too. This promo is available only at the Bugis Junction and Westgate outlets.

Also on the menu: A good selection of classic souffles and regular (non-souffle) pancakes with three flavours to choose from – Caramelised Banana, Truffle Choc and Houjicha.

Miam Miam is at Bugis Junction, Westgate, and Waterway Point.




5. SweeT.Rex


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These are the cheapest souffle pancakes in Singapore. A set of two is just $3. And that’s because these babies are served in a hawker centre. That doesn’t mean the quality is scrimped on though. Your pancakes are freshly whipped and cooked only after you order, so it’s steaming hot and as fluffy when it reaches your table.

As for toppings, you choose from a couple of drizzled sauces – caramel, strawberry, and chocolate. You should pop by for breakfast here if you live near the Queenstown area, but during weekends when it’s open.

Also on the menu: Puddings (for just $2) and various flavours of cheesecake (for only $3.80).

SweeT.Rex is at Mei Ling Market & Food Centre, 159 Mei Chin Rd.


6. Kyushu pancakes


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Alright, we’re bending the rules a little bit with this one. Kyushu Pancakes does not sell souffle pancakes, but seven-grain pancakes which are delicious in their own way. Yes, wholesome yet delicious. Try the Matcha Tiramisu ($16) which is essentially a stack of soft pancakes, topped with matcha sauce, mascarpone cheese vanilla ice cream, and a generous dusting of matcha powder.

Also on the menu: Savoury pancakes, waffles, salads and eggs benedict.

Kyushu Pancake is at Novena Regency, 275 Thomson Rd.