One of the strongest coffees in Singapore must surely be the Japanese-style cold drip coffee, but this particular variant isn’t necessarily something that’s very familiar to us lovers of good ol’ hawker-style kopi. The former tastes markedly different to your regular cuppa because of the preparation process, which involves a lengthy amount of time and litres of icey cold water to extract an extremely concentrated brew. Ahh. In our little oven of an island, sipping on strong cold coffee is a sweet relief!

Here are some of Singapore’s most popular spots for this intense coffee brew. Have fun exploring!

Maison Ikokku

Maison Ikkoku is renowned for having one of the best cold drip coffees in Singapore. Located at Kandahar Street, this quaint little cafe’s stylish decor boasts a super hipster vibe. Although $7 is a fair amount to pay for their Cold Brew coffee, it’s well worth it considering the amount of kick you get. This cafe is perfect for a cute Instagram and Snapchat story too, so smartphones at the ready!

Address: 20 Kandahar St, Singapore 19888


The Bravery Cafe


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The Bravery Cafe boasts an eclectic interior with its chill ambiance right smack in the heart of the trendy Jalan Besar area. Their Cold Brew Black comes in at an affordable $6.50 and is served in the coolest glass bottle!

Address: 66 Horne Road, Singapore 209073


The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

This cafe-restaurant has a wide variety of filtered coffee from around the world. With a laidback yet classy atmosphere, this would be a good place to go for anyone who fancies herself a coffee connoisseur.

Address: 146 Neil Road, Singapore


Collective Brewers

Collective Brewers is a fairly unassuming cafe at first glance, but their cold drip coffee is superb! Super concentrated and full of flavour, it’s served in a small glass that’s meant to be sipped slowly for maximum enjoyment.

Address: 301 Changi Rd Singapore 419779


Dapper Coffee


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I’ve included this cafe in the list as even though they do not serve cold drip coffee, simply because they serve some pretty innovative cold brew coffee, which is just as strong. By far the most creative cafe I’ve sampled, its featured beverage is something dubbed the Gold Brew, a cold brew that has the prettiest coffee presentation I’ve ever seen! Featuring gold swirls and sparkles, this is an instant wake-me-up drink. At $10 a bottle it’s pretty pricey, but come on, it’s gold #feelinglikeaqueen. Other specialty drinks include Unicorn Tears (I’m not too sure what it is though, but it sure as heck isn’t coffee).

Address: 73A Amoy Street Singapore 069892


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