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It used to be that when it came to coffee, you’d have it either black or white. But with so many novel ways of doing a good brew, you can get your caffeine fix any way you want it.

Still, everyone likes their cup of joe done differently. We’ve uncovered six coffees to suit any personality – whether you want it old-school, a little experimental, or just super fun. Which of these is most like you?


1) For the unabashed hipster

Coffee doesn’t get more hipster than cold brews, and cold brews don’t get more hipster than Montana’s Singapore’s Coconut Cold Brew, which is made by steeping coffee grounds in coconut water for a good 20 hours.

What you get is a drink that is incredibly lush and smooth, without any hint of the bitter or sour notes you’d usually expect from coffee. Instead, you can expect a subtle gula-melaka-like sweetness, courtesy of the coconut. 

$6.80, from Montana Singapore, PoMo, #02-25, 1 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188306


2) For the kid in you who loves cereal and morning cartoons

Crackerjack’s Breakfast of Champions is perfect for the woman who knows’s it’s good to unleash your inner child every once in awhile. This cereal-flavoured caffe latte will take you right back to your childhood.

The sweet, toasty aroma and berry-like fruitiness is thanks to a 24-hour process of steeping a cereal mix of fruity pebbles and honey puffs in organic full cream milk. 

$6, from Crackerjack, 43 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088464


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3) For the stout guzzler 

Like a real stout, Common Man Coffee Roaster’s Nitro Coffee is rich and creamy, with lots of chocolatey depth. 

The caffeine buzz is unmistakable, but infusing cold brew with nitrogen through a pressurised valve has softened the coffee’s bitter edge.

$9.40, from Common Man Coffee Roasters, 22 Martin Road, #01-00, Singapore 239058


4) For those with an exotic palate

The Pistachio Latte at Fat Prince is spiked with a house-made pistachio-infused syrup and sprinkled with crushed, roasted pistachios, giving it a nutty aroma.

The ristretto shot (a thicker, more concentrated form of an espresso shot) gives the latte a great kick.

As pistachios have natural properties that can help you have more radiant skin you may also want to sub this coffee in for your regular cuppa.

$7, from Fat Prince, 48 Peck Seah St #01-01, Singapore 079317


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5) A tribute to those who want to kick it old school

The Black Sesame Latte from Coffee Break is old school with a modern twist, as it is made by frothing local coffee with the cafe’s own black sesame paste. 

The robust flavour if the kopi is a perfect match for the lingering, heady fragrance of roasted black sesame.

$3.80, from Coffee Break, Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road, #02-78, Singapore 069111


6) For sweet tooths who want their coffee and desserts all in one

Don’t expect a conventional affogato that you can easily make at home. Like its namesake, the JWF Ice Drip Coffee Blood Orange Gelato one swops out hot espresso for iced slow drop coffee, and vanilla ice cream for blood orange gelato. 

The tart sweetness of the gelato is accentuated by the mellow fruitiness of the iced drip coffee.

$10, from The Coffee Academics, Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road, #02-01/02, Singapore 228209

This story originally appeared on the June 2017 issue of Her World.