The unavoidable shortage of pork and baconIt’s already being called the ‘Porkpocalypse’ by online media. A group representing the interests of pig farmers is warning that a worldwide shortage of pork and bacon is not only imminent, but “unavoidable,” sending porcine lovers into a mild panic and giving them an excuse to indulge in bacon binges.

It’s a doomsday scenario for pork and bacon lovers — easily the one meat group to boast a sect of devotees that verges on the obsessive — and digital media are having fun with the news item, churning out a flurry of pork puns and fomenting general — quasi — panic.

The headline on blog Gawker, for instance, warns that “The End is Nigh,” while other headlines scream “Catastrophe” or express dismay (“Say it ain’t so“).

A statement released by the National Pig Association (NPA) in Britain paints a grim picture of the potential pork shortage in its “Save Our Bacon,” campaign. Pig-producing countries in Europe are reporting shrinking sow herds, they say, with numbers falling across the board from Denmark, France, Austria and Sweden.

The impending shortage is being blamed on the soaring prices of pig-feed following a disastrous growing season and harvesting weather.

According to the NPA, a fall of just two percent in pig slaughtering next year could cause prices to rise by as much as 10 percent.

It’s a pattern that’s mirrored around the world, they add, due to the global failure of maize and soy harvests.

In the UK, British grocery chain Sainsbury’s has increased the price it pays to pig farmers in response to the shortage.

Meanwhile, it’s not just the pig industry that’s in trouble from the drought. Feed scarcity and skyrocketing costs have driven some cattlemen in the US to feed their cows everything from gummy worms and cookies to marshmallows and dried cranberries as an alternative to the starchy sugar content found in corn, reports Reuters.