Photography: Zaphs Zhang, Art direction: Shan

Trouble Brewing is the first in Singapore to let you personalise both brew and bottle. And why not, if you want to create a talking point that’ll make your party stand out

This is how it works: You consult with a master brewer, who’ll start you off choosing from a range of base beers, selected according to the levels of sweetness, lightness and complexity you prefer. Then he’ll need to understand what specific flavours and aromas you’d like so he can select the hops (flowers used to flavour beers, imparting bitter, zesty or woody notes) and additional ingredients to create that taste profile. 

A batch takes four weeks to concoct. Half that time is spent on brewing and fermentation. You taste the final product only when the entire batch is complete, and you can opt for tweaks to be made – but be prepared to pay extra. 


Photo: Trouble Brewing

You can even customise the labels. Change up the colours or slap on a funny picture – it’s totally up to you. We got them specially designed for the Her World team, with images adapted from the magazine for a fashion and beauty theme. If you want something like this, it’ll take about a week to do. 

To fully customise a beer, you’ll need a minimum order of six cases (each case has 24 bottles). Each case costs $125. Go to for more. 

A pro tip: The idiot-proof way to beat beer belly bloat is to not be gentle. Pour out the beer with vigour – you want to encourage the build-up of foam, says Trouble Brewing’s founder, Joseph Barratt. This lets the carbon dioxide escape, and minimises discomfort around your waistband. 



This story was first published in the March issue of Her World.