If you’re whipping up a storm at home, why not indulge in a food and wine pairing meal.  There is a particular pleasure when food and drink match up, enhancing the flavours of the dish.

Meet Emirates’ sommelier, Stephen Towler, senior beverage advisor, who has selected four wines for Her World readers to inspire your own food and wine pairing at home. He’s responsible for equipping the airline’s 23,000 cabin crew members with the knowledge to advise passengers on the beverages they are being served on board.

Interesting nugget: Emirates’ wine cellar, located in France, is the largest of any airline and currently holds 7.4 million bottles of fine wine, some of which will only be served in 2037. In 2018, the airline introduced the Emirates Vintage Collection, a selection of fine wines that have been stored in the airline’s cellar for up to 15 years.

Château Montrose 2ème Cru Classé Saint-Estèphe, France 2005 or Cru Bourgeois

Recommended dish: This wine is well served alongside a plate of seared beef tenderloin with mushrooms jus, colcannon potatoes and buttered green beans onboard Emirates First Class, but as a #StayHome alternative, I would recommend pairing it with a simple oven-seared beef tenderloin that takes under an hour to prepare at home.

Tasting notes: This wine is made from the thick skinned Cabernet Sauvignon grape. Its great depth and long finish nicely complement red meats such as beef, so this pairing should enhance your perception of this characterful and complex Cru Classé. As these top châteaux are hard to come by, you can try a more easily accessible Cru Bourgeois from the same appellation – a younger vintage such as 2010 should do the trick!

Grosset Polish Hill Riesling Clare Valley, Australia 2017

Recommended dish: Rieslings from Germany typically pair with fragrant, spicy food such as our Emirates signature dish – prawn machbous – as their aromatics and balancing sweetness complement and contrast the dish to great effect. You can learn how to recreate the prawn machbous at home here.

Tasting notes: While the Australian take on the grape is a somewhat drier and more full-bodied version, the additional power provides its own foil to the spiciness of this dish, while the crystalline, lime flavours that are so typical of Clare Valley Riesling, refresh the palate.

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, New Zealand 2019

Recommended dish: The resulting wine is bursting with passion fruit and citrus flavours, more than a match for a flavourful chilli recipe, whilst the crisp acidity inherent to Sauvignon blanc will cleanse the palate of any residual frying oil from the wok. On board Emirates Business Class, you can enjoy the wine with wok fried prawns with garlic chilli sauce and steamed rice, so you can aim to recreate this dish at home and pair the two for a delicious meal. Cloudy Bay is an icon of the region and Emirates, as an exclusive partner, is proud to be the only airline in the world that serves this wine onboard.

Tasting notes: Marlborough Sauvignon is synonymous with expressive aromas and flavours, due in large part to the rain-shadow effect of the Richmond range. This mountainous ridge to the West of the region serves as a magnet to rain, leaving the vines exposed to brilliant sunshine for much of the ripening season, whilst cool nights lead to extra freshness in the grapes.

Meursault 1er Cru Château de Blagny Louis Latour Burgundy, France 2016

Recommended dish: This wine is usually served alongside a plate of roasted salmon with puy lentils and an aromatised sauce onboard Emirates Business Class. As a #StayHome alternative, I would recommend pairing the wine with any roasted or baked fish and creamy lentil combination. Slow-cooking methods such as roasting, baking or stewing concentrate flavours and thus require wines with plenty of character

Tasting notes: This barrel fermented Chardonnay from Burgundian producer Louis Latour’s 1er cru monopole (exclusively owned) estate, has character in spades, although there are many other examples of the style that could work with such a dish. Top Meursault often has a stoniness beneath a nutty, honeyed richness and that mineral element will complement the earthiness of the lentils.