It’s easy to spot The Other Roof’s Marie,  she’s always rocking winged eyeliner 

Fancy a spot of tea with a twist? That’s what Marie Nakazawa has concocted with her flirty Whole Lotta Love cocktail. It’s raw tea, lavender syrup, lemon juice, peach liqueur and aromatised wine on top of a vodka base, served in a dainty teacup. The psychology graduate was inspired to create a refreshing drink to combat Singapore’s humidity, and she came up with this unique cocktail that uses raw tea rather than a tea- infused spirit.

“It’s a good drink to start off with. It’s refreshingly tart, so it opens up your palate. I felt this would be a good way to enjoy afternoon tea while having a cocktail at the same time,” says Marie, who stands out with her trademark cat- eye makeup. 

Brightly coloured bottles decorate the back of the bar: vodka, gin, rum, bourbon and others, along with various tea- finished spirits that are blended by the team. The tea is sourced according to the alcohol it will be paired with, and the flavour profile the team wants to create. If you’re with your coterie, share a teapot or a punch bowl, with a side of sirloin steak or a Spanish Cheese Platter. 

Go for: Tea-infused cocktails 

Location: Rooftop, Ann Siang House, 28 Ann Siang Road 





This article first appeared in the December issue.