Swedish furniture chain Ikea announced that it will temporarily halt the sale of its beloved chicken wings from Tuesday, May 23, 2017 onwards.

One could even say that the wings have flown the coop.

The move, said Ikea, was provoked by customer complaints about a drop in quality of the popular snack sold at eateries within its furniture stores.

Here are a few alternative wing joints you can count on:

Photo: Irene Soh

1. Two Wings

With branches at container food park Timbre+ at Ayer Rajah Crescent and the Pinnacle @ Duxton, Two Wings is best-known for its salted-egg chicken wings.

The flavour of these wings promise to make you fall in love with the salted-egg phenomenon all over again.

Last year, food critic Wong Ah Yoke praised Two Wings’ salted-egg fried wings for their juiciness and lack of excess richness.

2. Chicken Up

Fried chicken from this Korean chain came up top in a blind test by Life editor Tan Hsueh Yun back in 2013, in what was dubbed as a surprising win.

Chicken Up’s wings garnered praise for its crisp crust and moist meat.

Since its victory, the chain has expanded beyond its original Tanjong Pagar outlet into the heartlands, with outlets situated in areas such as Jurong East and Buangkok.

Photo: Little Part 1 Cafe

3. Little Part 1 Cafe

This cosy cafe, located at Jasmine Road, serves well-marinated spicy buffalo wings with remarkable depths in flavour.

“The taste of their zesty Tabasco-spiked marinade is not skin-deep but bone-deep,” said The Straits Times in a 2013 review.

Other offerings include smelly cheese wings and a long list of Trappist beers. A branch at Blair Road recently opened.

4. Woori Nara

Located along Jalan Kilat, you can choose from fried chicken with original, soy, garlic and signature Yum Yum sauce at this “casual and homey” eatery.

Succulent yet crisp, the soy fried chicken is especially well-received, being sweet with a hit of spice at the end. The spicy Yum Yum version is also one of the more popular flavours.

Photo: Berita Harian

5. Wingstop

American chain Wingstop specialises in chicken wings, with 11 regular wing flavours such as Oriental Soy Pepper and Garlic Parmesan.

At its Halal-certified outlets in City Square Mall and Bedok Mall, unique flavours such as Kecap Manis have even been offered during Ramadan as part of the chain’s special offerings for fast-breaking.


Crispy Chicken Wings waiting for you!

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6. Old Chang Kee

The local finger food chain’s chicken wings prove that no-frills does not mean no thrills. 

Fried to a crisp, Old Chang Kee’s chicken wings tend to be on the larger side at an affordable price.

The guilty pleasure is also the most ubiquitous choice on this list: there are 76 outlets islandwide, ensuring you do not have to go far for your wings fix.

This story first appeared on The Straits Times on May 19, 2017.