Photo: Tiger Singapore

In recent times, Singapore has gleaned a reputation as a gastronomical paradise with an encyclopedic collection of unique local food. Tastes are intense and flavours melt seamlessly together in intriguing combinations. From one Michelin starred hawker stalls with snaking queues to bespoke cocktails and world acclaimed beers, the exciting diversity of choices make the discovery of Singapore’s food scene an extraordinary culinary experience. 

1. Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles

Photo: SPH

Foodies willingly queue for up to an hour for this Teochew-style bak chor mee –and this was the case even before the stall won its first Michelin star in 2016. It has earned a star every year since then, and the queues continue. The secret? Pork liver so tender it melts in the mouth, and springy noodles that are firm and chewy, laced with just the right blend of vinegar.

Address: #01-12, 466 Crawford Lane


2. Liao Fan Hong Kong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle

Photo: SPH

A one-Michelin-star winner in 2016, this stall has chewy, glossy noodles coated with a tasty sweet sauce, generously crowned with juicy, tender chicken pieces. At $2 a serving, it’s a steal. But the true winner is the chilli sauce, which is pleasantly astringent and leaves your lips tingling delightfully after your meal.

Address: #02-126 Chinatown Complex Market & Food, 335 Smith Street 


3. The cocktail capital of the world 

Photo: The Old Man Singapore

More than 50 cocktail bars in the island city are shaking up the local drinking scene, satisfying bar-goers’ insatiable thirst. Singapore sealed its status as a cocktail city hosting large-scale events in May – the three-day Singapore Cocktail Festival at Empress Lawn, and the inaugural Asia’s 50 Best Bars at Capitol Theatre, with 11 cocktail bars in Singapore making it to the list. In 2021, The World’s 50 Best Bars awards, a prestigious event traditionally held in London, will be hosted in Singapore.


4. Singapore Lager

Photo: Singapore Lager

This year, local bespoke brewery Trouble Brewing opened its offshoot, Tuas Brewing Co., leading to the launch of Singapore Lager in May.

Crafted at its Tuas brewery, the $4-a-bottle lager was made to go with hawker food. It has a peppery taste with a grassy aroma that makes it an excellent palate cleanser. Its citrusy notes bring out the flavour of our favourite wonton mee, cut the greasiness of chicken rice, and balance the saltiness of bak chor mee.


5. Tiger

Photo: Tiger Singapore

Born and brewed in Singapore since 1932, Tiger Beer is one of those early SG exports everyone here takes for granted. But it is a world acclaimed beer and sold in more than 75 countries– you could travel to the most far-flung places and still find this taste of home. Its smooth yet slightly bitter taste makes it a must-drink with zi char, as its subtle corn biscuit maltiness and light citrus scent cut through the fattiness of meat dishes from beef hor fun to coffee pork ribs and har cheong kai. Try such beer and food pairings at Tiger Street Lab, the brand’s experiential concept store at Jewel Changi Airport.