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Normandy-born chef-owner Jérémy Gillon of Restaurant Jag swells with pride when he speaks enthusiastically about his prized collection of herbs. An entire shelf in his kitchen is fully stocked with an encyclopaedic collection of herbs. These herbs form the centre of his cuisine where he uses 40 dried herbs painstakingly sourced from the Savoie region of the French Alps and transforms them into unique and delightful dishes. His other culinary philosophy: He selects the vegetables first based on seasons before crafting the rest of the dish around it.

These herbs give his dishes a unique accent. From ortie, thyme and melisse to angelique, guests will be treated to a spectrum of the finest herbs that he can get his hands on.

Jérémy, who is an advocate of author’s cuisine, works freely, unencumbered by any rules. For the uninitiated, author’s cuisine is a modern culinary movement that originated in Spain, where a chef works without any restraint based entirely on his own accord.


Photo: Restaurant Jag


The latest menu by the One Michelin Star restaurant continues to thrill and please guests through innovative textures, aromas and flavours.

Such meticulous detail is paid to every aspect of the menu, from the freshly baked sourdough baguette that’s crisp on the outside, yet soft and pillowy inside, to the delicate garnishes.


Photo: Restaurant Jag


A salad of Surreu cherry tomatoes with pike eggs is a refreshing start to the meal. The robust French tomatoes are bursting with juicy sweetness, and a hint of cinnamon further enhances the natural sweet flavours of the vegetables.

A dish of mushrooms served with a base of foie gras may initially seem unassuming compared to other more ostentatious dishes. But the mushroom ice-cream that accompanies the dish is a sleeper hit: It deliberately shocks the palate with its unexpected combination. Delicate shavings made from mushroom meringue finish the dish.


Photo: Restaurant Jag


The real crowd pleaser is the Icelandic langoustine wrapped in a bok choy leaf, swimming in a delicious gravy conjured from a jus reduced from langoustine shells and framboiser.  A hazelnut and dehydrated raspberry crumble adds an intriguing dimension of texture and flavour to the dish, which is finished with a delicious basil dressing.


Photo: Restaurant Jag


The Melisse Sauvage with walnut, caviar, ratte potato and veloute is the ultimate comfort dish. Normandy potatoes are stewed in homemade stock and blended till it achieves a creamy texture.  Roasted, creamed and blended walnuts are skilfully weaved into the dish, giving it a nutty flavour.  The Melisse lends the dish a subtle floral accent and tempers the saltiness well. The result is a balanced dish that is tasty without an excessive sensory overload.


Seven Expressions $168++ Wine Pairing Add $128++

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Address: Restaurant Jag, 76/76A Duxton Road

Tel: +65 3138 8477