Are you someone who lives to eat, or someone who eats to live? If you’re reading this, i’m going to assume it’s the former! Nothing gets you pumped for a great meal quite like looking at picture-perfect images of food. You might even get inspired to try a hand at creating something.

Let’s face it. Instagram-worthy pictures of food require skills that can only be acquired over time. The unfortunate truth, is that pictures alone aren’t always enough. It takes a certain “X factor” to get on anyone’s radar these days. Here are five of our favourite Singaporean food bloggers with that “X factor”, and i’m sure you’ll agree they are most impressive at what they do best.

#1 @lennardy Lennard Yeong 

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This full time engineer and part time home cook has some incredibly stunning pictures of his latest eats as well as his own creations (check out those matcha, avocado, and coconut cream popsicles with chocolate and salted macadamias!) . Doesn’t hurt that he’s smart and cute, too! Having started out as an avid photographer, his #foodporn is guaranteed to give you a craving or two. Plus, keep an eye out for him on the upcoming Masterchef Asia. Singapore represent!

#2 @melicacy Melissa Koh (
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We love Melicacy’s instagram for all its homemade food posts. Her creativity with ingredients and more unusual yet healthy food options are perfect inspiration for those of you tired of eating the same things over and over again. I personally can’t get enough of her pizzas! She currently resides in Auckland.

#3 @engnatalie Natalie Eng

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Pastry chef & food photographer Natalie Eng is young, talented, and oh-so-eloquent. She began baking in Junior College and started out posting recipes on her blog. Her passion took her to culinary school in Paris, and for all you who want to be chefs, isn’t that the dream? She’s worked at Antoinette Singapore, Bar Stories Singapore as well as grand Dorchester Collection Hôtel Le Meurice in Paris (and its 3-Michelin starred restaurant). On top of everything, the almost whimsical feel of her pictures of food and travel will leave you wishing you had her life.

#4 @willcookwilleat Willin Low

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Lawyer-turned-chef, Willin Low is the Chef-owner of Wild Rocket, which serves “Mod Sin” – Modern Singaporean – cuisine, a term coined by Low himself. The modern twist on Singaporean food has earned him acclamations both home and abroad. We also love his instagram posts for their distinctively Singaporean flavour, featuring a slew of local favourites like Nasi Lemak, curry puffs, and Xiao Long Baos.

#5 @misstamchiak Maureen Ow 

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Maureen is a food and travel blogger who wants to share her passion for Singaporean cuisine with the world. Her pen name, translated to Hokkien, means greedy or glutton, perfect for a food blog. We love the intensity of her photos and the vast number of places she reviews (chances are if you’re searching for reviews on a restaurant, she’s been there!). If there’s one person on this list you can count on for figuring out where to eat, it’s Maureen.