Plant-based milk has been around for quite some time, but now they are bigger and better than ever. While it initially catered to a niche audience — to fulfil the growing demand for dairy-free alternatives — there has been a growing interest in the market, even for those who aren’t that into plant milk. In this case, we’re zooming on the newly launched oat milk brand from Singapore, Oatside.

Founder of Oatside, Benedict Lim
Credit: Oatside

At first thought, you might assume that it’s just any oat milk brand, but for the most part, it’s anything but ordinary. Otherwise known as the first full-stack oat milk brand from Singapore, the Oatside was founded by 31-year-old Benedict Lim — former Chief Financial Officer at Kraft Heinz Indonesia — in 2020, amidst the pandemic. The founder shared that he started the Oatside during the lockdown, where he experimented with making his own oat milk at home. During this period he also mentioned that he used different ingredients and extraction processes, and well, basically tried everything he could to achieve the right flavour and texture combinations.

Credit: Oatside

Besides that, the brand also prides itself on bringing us an authentic farm-to-table oat milk experience. Not only does it use sustainably-sourced ingredients, the Oatside uses its own production line to produce its oat milk without engaging other contract manufacturers.

“We know that taste is often a barrier for more people adopting sustainable milks, so our goal was to develop an oat milk that could overcome these perceptions. It was a challenge developing the right product with existing setups at contract manufacturers in the early days, so we took the longer approach of building out our own production line that allowed us more customization and control over the oat extraction process,”

— Benedict Lim, Founder and CEO of Oatside.

As part of its ingredient list, here, you can expect to find high-quality ingredients including 100% Australian Oats, natural mountain spring water, Rainforest-Alliance certified cacao beans and hazelnuts. (Psst, did we mention that all of Oatside’s products are halal-certified too?)

Credit: Oatside

Now you must be wondering: What about the flavours? Well, you’ll be glad to know that the Oatside has launched not one, not two, but three flavours which include:

Barista Blend

A smooth and creamy oat milk that can be used together with your coffees and teas. This delicious blend can also be used to create microfoam for your latte art too.


Chocolate lovers, this one’s for you. Boasting a dark, rich and complex blend, this oat milk is made with 100% Rainforest-Alliance certified Indonesian-African cacaos beans, and does not contain any added flavours.

Chocolate Hazelnut

This particular flavour is a hot favourite for many for good reason. Velvety, smooth, with intense notes of dark-roasted hazelnuts, the Chocolate Hazelnut is made with high-quality hazelnuts from Turkey (and they’re 100% Rainforest-Alliance certified), and it doesn’t contain any added flavours.

Malty and creamy, minus the thick viscosity, Oatside’s oat milks go well with just about anything. From blending it with your favourite smoothies, or even with your daily cuppa, the oat milks from this Oatside have proven to be a serious contender in the plant milk scene.

Oatside is now available on Shopee, Redmart and other leading supermarkets. You can also find it at other locations such as Baker & Cook, PPP Coffee, Chye Seng Huat Hardware, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and more.