Lay's BLT It should come as no surprise that after roast chicken, cheeseburger and steak and onion, another major snack food brand should come out with a flavour that distils a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich into a single potato chip.

Frito-Lay has released a BLT-flavoured chip in the US that the company says delivers “the tastes of crispy bacon, refreshing lettuce and a sliver of tomato” in every crunch.

When it comes to turning the flavours of a full meal into a chip, however, British brands have got the niche market covered. Walkers, for instance, offers flavours like Steak & Onion, Roast Chicken and Prawn Cocktail.

Premium chip brand Tyrrell’s also offers flavours like Sunday Best Roast Chicken, along with Ludlow Sausage and Mustard, and Honey Roast Ham and Cranberry.

The new Lay’s Classic BLT-flavoured potato chips will be in US stores this month. – AFP RELAXNEWS