Photo: The Lime House



The season of feasting is upon us once again – and the only crime is calorie counting. This December, ditch the diet and indulge in these delicious menus. 


1. Lime House


Photo: The Lime House


Lime House, Singapore’s only Caribbean bar and restaurant, has just unveiled their new abode as well as the revamped authentic food and tropical drinks menu.

This revitalisation will showcase an elevated presentation of the region’s colourful food, drinks and culture, further establishing them as the premiere Caribbean bar and restaurant in town.

Foodies can look forward to new tapas and dishes including: Curried Potted Crab ($16), a delicious dish of homemade curry with an exciting blend of spices such as coriander, cumin and fennel seed. This dish is strangely addictive. It can be eaten on its own or spread over crisp toast. Another new offering is the Pork ‘n’ Roll ($22). Premium iberico pork collar is served with cheddar cheese and ripe plantain, and crowned with a glorious bed of tomato salsa. For mains, try the Old Jamaican Glazed Cod ($39). Pan-seared cod with ginger beer and pineapple salsa sits on top of a pan-fried mashed sweet potato croquette. The combination of sweet, tangy and salty flavours make this an enjoyable dish for all. 

Address: 2 Jiak Chuan Rd, Singapore 089260



2. Poulet + Brasserie


Photo: Poulet



Poulet + Brasserie (P+), is the latest dining concept from the highly successful Poulet brand. The newly opened restaurant at ION Orchard is Helmed by Chef Joshua Khoo. The new menu will consist of contemporary French cuisine, all-day breakfast, and enticing new dishes that combine local flavours with traditional French cooking techniques.

Diners can expect a brand new menu lineup with this exciting launch, which includes two signature dishes. The best selling item is the P+ Rotisserie Chicken ($20). Slow-roast chicken is cooked au jus, bacon, corn kernel and mushroom. This cooking technique ensures maximum retention of flavours as all the juicy goodness is sealed in. 

Diners who prefer something more unique can opt for the Signature Duck Confit ($22). An entire roast duck is served alongside a bed of salad, a refreshing mix consisting of lettuce, pomegranate and roast nuts. The duck is tender and the flesh is so soft, it comes apart effortlessly after slicing into the meat. 

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #B3-21, Singapore 238801


3. Social Place


Photo: Social Place


Social Place has finally opened its first outlet in Singapore at Forum The Shopping Mall. This popular restaurant, hailing from Hong Kong has a reputation for its sumptuous contemporary Chinese cuisine, and chic, vibrant, and cosy setting. The restaurant’s thoughtfully-curated menu of dim sum and main courses promises a treat for diners. 

Restaurant signatures comprise classic Chinese dishes with a new-age twist, as well as highly original creations such as the Flamin-ple’ and the exquisite Sweet & Sour Pork on Ice.

The Seafood Crackling Rice Soup ($24.80) is one of Social Place’s most highly-lauded dishes. A rich broth of rice and generous servings of seafood is topped with crispy fried rice, giving the dish a nice bite and a smokey flavour.  Think claypot rice meets porridge.

Diners at Social Place may also choose from a wide selection of cold dishes to whet their appetite. Highlights include the Special Century Eggs in Silken Tofu ($9.80); beancurd is sliced wafer-thin and doused in a house sesame-based dressing, and Sichuan Peppered Eggplant ($6.80). This unassuming dish of braised eggplant fingers, served with a red and green chilli topping that harbours just the right amount of heat, that leaves a pleasant tingle on the lips without the searing burn. 

Address: Social Place Singapore FORUM The Shopping Mall, Orchard Rd, #01-22 583, 238884


4. Burger and Lobster


Photo: Burger and Lobster


Situated at the newly reopened Raffles Arcade, Burger & Lobster Raffles Arcade is three times larger than the outlet at Jewel, and has a wider selection of lobsters, burgers and cocktails as well as an exciting addition of an outdoor bar and an eclectic fresh seafood counter.

Certain items are exclusive only to this outlet. The bright Lobster, Kale & Quinoa Salad ($22) is a healthy, superfood-loaded dish to begin your meal with. Other starters include the Lobster Rosti ($18), pan-fried to golden-brown perfection, and topped with succulent lobster meat and spiced guacamole for a tinge of heat.

The real highlight on the menu however, is the Laksa Lobster ($70), which pays homage to Singapore’s national dish. This flavourful and spicy dish, infused with laksa leaves, ikan bilis and red chilli is a real crowd pleaser. 

Another exclusive signature not to be missed is the Uni, Lobster & Caviar Lobster Roll ($50), where uni-infused buttered lobster meat is enveloped in a toasted brioche roll, and garnished with caviar, dill leaves and more uni. The creamy uni enhances the fresh briny taste of the lobster meat – it is a rich medley of flavours in one bite. 

The newly opened MF Bar by Burger & Lobster is set to provide a distinctive ambience with blue and brown leather seating surrounded by lobster pots. Its name takes inspiration from “Mayfair”, the upscale district of London where the first Burger & Lobster restaurant is located. Replete with an extensive cocktail and wine list, the bar experience is further enhanced by music performances from local musicians or DJ acts. 

Address: 328 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188719


5. Yuba Hut Soba


Photo: Yuba Hut


Yuba Hut has just launched its first-ever Rainbow Soba Protein Bowl. Chewy green tea soba noodles and colorful vegetables that add a pack of crunchiness to the bowl are tossed together with a flavorful sesame garlic and lime dressing. 

Healthy and hearty, the bowl is filled with colorful hues of corn, edamame, crabstick, seaweed, onsen egg, tobiko, spring onion, on a bed of refreshing green tea soba that is cooked to perfect al-dente texture.

Get creative to create your own bowl with various sauce and protein bases. Be spoilt with four choices of sauces – mala, Japanese sesame, yuzu and kimchi) and get the fuel for your muscles with four types of protein, including unagi ($13.90), beef ($13.90) , chicken ($9.90), and salmon ($13.90), all pan-seared to perfect juiciness. 

The rainbow soba beef bowl is a healthy and delicious choice for the discerning diner. 

Address: 51 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-09 Poiz Centre, Singapore 347697


6. The Masses Singapore 


Photo: The Masses


The Masses’ eighth menu is an ode to their Asian heritage. Expect Foie gras, lamb rib, octopus, confit de canard- European favourites re-interpreted in a flamboyant Asian fashion, with either complementary or contrasting condiments or sides to boot. Think goose liver in a golden spring roll, and lamb rib a la char siew.

The Foie Gras Spring Roll ($12.90) is seasoned with hoisin sauce, accompanied by mango, and wrapped in a spring roll. It is deep-fried till golden and served with hazelnuts, lemon rind, and shallots marmalade. The crispy skin juxtaposes with the soft, velvety texture of the foie gras cocooned within. 

The smoky Merguez Spiced Lamb Mapo Tofu ($20.90) is an exciting East-meets-West dish, that takes the flavours of Africa and melds it with that from China. The Masses’ re-interpretation of the lamb dish will win over all mala lovers.  A trio of tofu with different textures—silken tofu, taupok, and taukwa—is tossed in a spicy mala sauce with minced lamb. It is a hearty and flavoursome dish that is near impossible to dislike. 

Address: 85 Beach Rd, #01-02, Singapore 189694