Image by: Star Cinnamon

It has been 18 years since the craze for cinnamon buns drew long queues.

My mother was one of those who could not resist those gooey cinnamon-laced buns, and to her dismay, the food fad came and went.

So when I found out that a cinnamon roll shop called Star Cinnamon had opened at Bugis Junction, she had to be the first to know.

Hoping to revive the love for cinnamon buns is Star Cinnamon’s founder Kevin Ong, who also started Chewy Junior, a chain of cream puff shops. Like Chewy Junior’s wares, Mr Ong’s cinnamon buns have toppings too.

Unlike the cinnamon rolls of yesteryear with a denser dough, intense cinnamon sugar and sugar glaze, Star Cinnamon’s buns are soft like local bread. To cater to the local palate, the cinnamon flavour is lighter. To my surprise, this goes well with the toppings of cream cheese or chocolate fudge.

With 20 choices available, my picks are the Star Original Caramel, Star Apple Booster (left, with diced apple and cream cheese topping), and Star Oreo Oreo (chocolate fudge topping with Oreo cookies).

While I enjoy the original flavour, I am more intrigued by the others. The apple and cream cheese are a perfect match, with the slightly tart apple offsetting the sweetness of the bun.

The lush chocolate and crunch of the cookies in the Oreo bun is a great play of textures, and the cinnamon flavour is not masked. I think kids will love this.

Other toppings available include hazelnuts, peanut butter jelly, and fresh banana slices.

The big, fluffy buns are priced between $2 and $2.70 – a reasonable price. Until the end of the year, customers get one Star Original Caramel bun free with every six buns they buy.

The purists, like my mother, may frown on not focusing on a cinnamon-centric bun. But if you’re like me and do not like a strong cinnamon flavour, these buns will be up your alley.

The outlet is in the midst of applying for a halal certification and Mr Ong hopes to continue expansion of the brand.

Maybe this time, like the revival of Singaporeans’ love for bubble tea, cinnamon buns will be here to stay.

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