Photo: Le Petit Chef


The world’s tiniest chef, standing at only 58-mm tall, has found a temporary home in Singapore. The pint-sized wunderkind will introduce diners to an extraordinary meal at the Grand Hyatt Singapore from now till Dec 30. Grand Hyatt Singapore is collaborating with Le Petit Chef this season, with executive sous chef Steffan Heerdt and his team delivering four six-course menus with dishes of Middle Eastern, Indian, and Chinese influences.

Photo: Le Petit Chef


Powered by 3-D projection mapping, this two-hour journey promises to deliver a visual and culinary treat for diners. Music and props are also used to create the right mood for Le Petit Chef, as diners embark on the next chapter and dish. Watch this nimble chef pirouette, prance and fly deftly across your dining plates as he traverses the continents and oceans, following the footsteps of the great explorer, Marco Polo, across the Silk Road. Four menus are available daily for lunch and dinner. Marco Polo’s Journey ($188++), Marco Polo’s Expedition ($288++), Marco Polo’s Kid’s Adventure for children age 4 to 12 ($88), and Marco Polo’s Vegan Voyage ($188++),


The journey starts


Photo: Le Petit Chef


Le Petit Chef begins his pilgrimage on the treacherous seas.

The first course is aptly named Treasures of the Ocean, and guests pick the dainty appetisers off the plate with their fingers. No cutlery is needed, as the intention is to mimic the dining experience on board a ship. Feast your eyes on the unfolding visual spectacle as the entire dining table transforms into an ocean with choppy waves. Two mini appetisers are presented: Bouillabaisse Terrine with rouille crouton and a bite-sized Crab Salad with kaluga caviar, burnt lime and radish on a wafer.


The Middle East


Photo: Le Petit Chef


The culinary journey continues to Arabia, where three dishes are introduced in an intricately designed carrier, featuring food from Northern and Southern Arabia.

Le Petit Chef lands in a bag of spices in the middle of an exotic Arabian market. These spices, in a riot of colours, are inspiration for his next meal. The cuisine is characterised by a wealth of land and sea production, and the region offers a variety of dishes depending on the season, which gives a very varied kitchen plate.


Photo: Dawn Wong


The Beetroot Falafel, served with avocado has a robust, earthy taste. A dash of mint lends the dish a bright flavour. The Kebab Beef Tartare comes with a peppery slab of eggplant caviar that melts delightfully in the mouth. A Spicy Tiger Prawn Salad, with a sprinkling of tabbouleh, is pleasantly refreshing. The prawns are crunchy and sweet, laced with a subtle hint of spice.




Video: Dawn Wong


Le Petit Chef soars across the searing desert (on the back of his new-found friend, a sparrow) and ends up in the land of dichotomies and magic, India.

Photo: Dawn Wong


The kiss of heat lingers pleasantly upon the tongue when savouring the spices of the fragrant Butter Chicken with Almonds. Be warned: The sauce is so delicious that you might find yourself fighting the irresistible urge to mop the dish clean with the naan. A Cucumber Yogurt Raita tempers the heat of the dish. The naan bread is soft and pillowy, with just a dash of butter for added flavour.


The Himalayan Mountains

Photo: Le Petit Chef


The blistering heat proves too much for Le Petit Chef to bear, and he decides to head to the rocky terrain of the frosty Himalayan Mountains. The chef ploughs through the snow and offers guests a cooling respite from the burning spices of India, with the Frozen Lemon Ginger Sorbet with Chili Oil. The tangy sorbet melts on the tongue, and within seconds, the chilli oil hits – not in a bad way, but on the contrary, the contrasting flavours of spicy, sweet and sour are strangely addictive.




Photo: Le Petit Chef


The pocket-sized hero leaves the freezing Himalayan Mountains and finds himself in the heart of China, where he stumbles upon a terrifying fire-breathing dragon. After a mad scramble to escape the perilous clutches of the dragon, the chef presents the next course – an exquisite Chinese meal with three mini dishes. The Steamed Lobster is cooked with ginseng herbs, served with soy sauce. The Abalone Dumpling is enveloped in a translucent wonton skin that allows maximum absorption of the flavourful black vinegar, and is topped off with sesame and chilli oil. On the side is a sticky mould of brown rice wrapped in a lotus leaf, redolent with the fragrance of truffles.




Photo: Le Petit Chef


The showstopper is the dessert, featuring three of the most expensive spices in the world: saffron, cardamom and vanilla. Le Petit Chef digitally prepares the dessert before your eyes as he potters about, mixing the ingredients. Within moments, The Caramelized Saffron and Cardamom Rice Pudding magically manifests. The dessert is a culinary triumph. The grainy texture of the rice is a lovely contrast to the smoothness of the pudding. Sweet, yet not too cloying, the thin layer of caramelised sugar that crowns the pudding adds a tasty crunch.  


Photo: Le Petit Chef


Venue: Grand Hyatt Singapore, Mezza9 La Cave Wine Cellar

Date: Sept 5 to Dec 30, 2019

Time: 12.30pm, 6pm and 8.30pm (each session is limited to 16 diners)

Menu: Four exclusive six-course menus for adults and kids, including a vegan menu, starting from $188++

Beverage: Three wine and champagne pairing packages available from $88++. For more information, visit Mezza9 or call +65 9719-0314.