Forget the 3-in-1s sachets from your pantry. Your 7.00am coffee will no longer taste the same. At Bettr Barista and Hook Coffee, high grade specialty coffee beans from countries like Brazil, Colombia and Peru add another level of flavor to your daily cup.

“You get more nuances, more fruitiness,” says Pamela Chng, founder of social enterprise Bettr Barista. Bettr Barista offers eight single drip bags while e-store Hook Coffee offers 10.

Our picks here:


1. Bettr Barista – Konga

konga coffee by bettr barista

An intense floral aroma with a buzz of sweet berries and citrus, Bettr Barista’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Konga Grade 1 coffee is our choice for bouncing straight into the most hectic of Monday mornings. 

Beans from: Ethiopia

Roast level: Medium


2. Bettr Barista – Ecuador

ecuador coffee by bettr barista

Fruity with a plum sweetness and juicy mouthfeel is Bettr Barista’s Ecuador Espindola El Grande blend. The medium bodied coffee is like a hug in a mug, leaving a pleasant aftertaste of brown sugar and honey.  

Beans from: Ecuador

Roast level: Medium


3. Bettr Barista – Heart Blend

heart blend by bettr barista

Bettr Barista’s signature house blend is made up of Brazil Fazenda Parasio and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Grade 1. Combined, you get a trace of red berries, milk chocolate, and nuts.

Beans from: Brazil and Ethiopia

Roast level: Medium


4. Hook Coffee – Flower Power

flower power by hook

Crowd-pleaser Hook Coffee’s Flower Power carries hints of roses, oolong and berries in a cup. Bright floral notes down to the last drop.

Beans from: Kivu, Rwanda

Roast level: Medium roast


5. Hook Coffee – Gold Digger

gold digger by hook

If subtle toffee nut sweetness is your kind of thing, opt for the Gold Digger by Hook Coffee. It’s more full bodied, bold and rich. 

Beans from: Brazil, India, Guatemala

Roast level: Medium-dark roast


6. Hook Coffee – Speculose Your Mind

speculose your mind by hook

Hook Coffee’s Speculose Your Mind is smooth like velvet and easy on the palette with minimal aftertaste. It smells sweet like caramel. Enjoy at teatime with cakes and cookies. 

Beans from: Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia

Roast level: Medium-dark roast


Bettr Barista and Hook Coffee are both available online so hurry and get your coffee fix sent to you.