Rough morning? Hangovers suck, especially when you have to drag yourself to the office come sunrise.

While we advocate having preventive measures in place while drinking to avoid looking and feeling like death, we’re well aware that that may not always work out. Your fallback plan should include these breakfast foods that you need to eat to help tide you through a hangover.

Soft-boiled eggs and toast


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Singapore’s favourite breakfast food is actually one of the best things you can eat to help you through your hangover, considering the amount of amino acids that eggs contain, like cysteine and taurine. These ‘magical’ chemicals are instrumental in breaking down the toxins produced by a night of heavy drinking and getting you back in the game. Coupled with the nutritional carbohydrates in toast, this is as good a way to start the day as any breakfast while being gentle on your nauseous stomach.

Teh Halia


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One of the worst things that can happen is to be stuck in a crowded train with a horribly queasy stomach. Battling nausea on the way to work is as close to hell as you can get in Singapore. Ginger works wonders for an upset tummy, and a warm mug of milky ginger tea will soothe your seething insides as well as put you in a more tolerable state of mind for the day of work ahead. Ginger has also been found to reduce motion sickness, which is great news for those facing that dreaded morning commute.



Century egg porridge is by far one of the most popular comfort food items available in our foodie nation, and should be a favourite amongst those looking for an easy hangover cure. Consuming starchy foods restore the body’s depleted sugar levels, helping to shorten your recovery period. Studies have also found that eating healthy carbs like porridge and oatmeal may boost your serotonin levels – the ‘happy hormone’- which will help you feel more at ease. Some century egg, juicy shredded chicken, extra bawang goreng (little fried onions); what more satisfaction could you possibly hope to derive from a hangover-friendly breakfast?

Tau huay


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Soy contains the highest percentage of cysteine which, as we mentioned earlier, does wonders for flushing out residual toxins in your system. What better way to introduce this into your system than with some warm tau huay (or cold, depending on your preference)? Try starting your day with one of the greatest feel-good desserts you can get in Singapore, and you might just feel well enough to face the world with a smile.

Pisang goreng


Potassium is an essential electrolyte that’s often lost as a result of the effects that alcohol has on the body. While simply consuming a regular ol’ banana is fine to replenish your potassium levels, consider taking the Singaporean route and chowing down on the tastier (albeit somewhat unhealthier) pisang goreng. Bananas are also a source of vitamin B6, which reportedly are great at addressing the symptoms of a hangover. Besides containing the required properties to help you power through the morning, hangover food needs to be comforting, and familiar snacks like these will help you to feel more like yourself in a jiffy.

Mee soto


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Soupy dishes work like magic on aching heads and gurgling stomachs, and our favourite mee soto is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s not super spicy or rich like many other local dishes, and the shredded chicken is full of protein that will get you feeling stronger in no time. It’s a good idea to finish up as many of the starchy yellow noodles as you can, but don’t force yourself if your stomach can’t take a full bowl. There’s something about slowly slipping spoonfuls of warm soup that makes the aftermath of a night of excess ebb into a much more soothing morning.


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