Lay's vending machine in ArgentinaPotato chip brand Lay’s in Argentina is rolling out an innovative marketing plan.

They invite consumers to deposit a raw potato in a vending machine and watch a small scale batch of potato chips being made — through the washing, peeling, cutting and frying process before a warm bag of chips emerges.

The point of the campaign? To put to rest rumors that Lay’s potato chips aren’t made from real potatoes.

The first Lay’s Machine is currently on display at a Walmart in Buenos Aires, reported trendspotting site PSFK this week, where customers can insert a potato as though it were a coin and watch the spud go through the chip-making process.

After popping in the potato, the spud travels through an obstacle course of tubes, spirals and a deep fryer, completing six distinct steps: washing, peeling, cutting, cooking, salting and packaging.

And while it may look convincing, the process is actually a video simulation set off by a motion sensor and a series of synchronized lights that highlight each step, explains AdAge. The kicker at the end is a small heater which delivers a warm bag of chips to complete the illusion of freshly baked crisps.

The prototype cost $40,000 to build, and plans are in the works to roll out similar machines in major retailers across Argentina, a test market that will be watched with interest by other international Lay’s divisions, AdAge reports. If successful, the test program could roll out internationally.

Emphasizing freshness and simple ingredients is also the strategy used by British chip brand Walker’s. Recently, the Walker’s Fresh Hot Crisps Tour traveled the UK inviting consumers to sample freshly made, hot chips, seasoning it themselves from a mobile truck. The campaign, which emphasizes Walker’s use of British potatoes, sunseed oil and preservative-free seasonings, wrapped up last month. –AFP RELAXNEWS