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[Updated on Dec 19, 2017] Ahhh… Christmas, the season of gifts, parties and food. And the only festive period where we can find log cakes. But there are just too many to choose from. Especially when companies and bakeries are constantly outdoing themselves by creating new flavours of this Christmas treat.  

So if you are still looking for a unique log cake that will blow your party guests away, look no further because we’ve compiled a list of special log cakes just for you. Scroll down to check out the different flavours that are sure to please everyone.


Nesuto Patisserie


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Japanese style cafe, Nesuto Patisserie celebrates its first Christmas with their Salted Dulcey Caramel Log Cake. With a decadent 70 per cent light chocolate mousse filled with a ‘Fleur de sel’ caramelised white chocolate centre laden with crunchy dark chocolate pearls and a buttermilk chocolate sponge – this classic chocolate flavour will easily become a crowd favourite.

Contact: 69202922


Metta Cafe

Photo: Metta Cafe 

Metta Cafe, an F&B vocational training establishment for Metta School graduates, will be selling their Chocolate Truffle Log Cake and Black Forrest Log Cake for the festive season. These cakes are handmade with love by Metta Alumni’s youths with special needs and are priced from $32 to $43. Lend your support to them by purchasing a few for your colleagues and loved ones.

For more info: (Orders to be made three working days in advance)


The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore


If you’re not a big fan of rich chocolate cakes, The Ritz-Carlton offers fruity log cakes with a refreshing twist. Out of the five cakes that they will be selling, we recommend the Rose & Lychee Log Cake and the Mango & Passionfruit Log Cake. The former infuses fresh raspberries in it while the latter has a tangy mango and passionfruit jelly and hazelnut biscuit. It already sounds too yummy to resist.!

Contact: 64345278 (Orders to be made three days in advance)




Pan Pacific Singapore

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A local twist on the Christmas treat – this Chendol Log Cake comprises of layers of gula melaka mousse, red azuki beans, coconut panna cotta and a pandan sponge. Incorporating familiar flavours reminiscent of kuehs and the local dessert, everyone at your Christmas party will surely be begging for more.

For a more traditional flavour, go for their Araguani Framboise Crunchy Log Cake which has a divine crunchy base.

Contact: 68268240


Stellar at 1-Altitude

Photo: Stellar at 1-Altitude 

We give it to Stellar at 1-Altitude for being so creative with their festive treat creation. Their Blackforest cake comes in the shape of a wreath, a prominent Christmas symbol. Although this wreath is not made of evergreens, neither can it be used to decorate your home, we are sure that it would be a tasty one.

Contact: 64380410


Andaz Singapore  

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Andaz Singapore’s PANDAN puts a spin on the traditional chiffon cake to create new flavours like bandung, durian and black sesame, and they certainly did not forget about Christmas. They will be selling a Christmas Mixed Berry flavour which includes cherry, raspberry, lingonberry, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry. Great for those who prefer tart cakes over sweet ones.

Contact: 64081241 (Orders to be made three days in advance)




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Here’s a super cute addition to our list of log cakes. It has a white chocolate mousse cake filled with strawberry gelee. If that’s not enough to get you to buy the cake, it has a hazelnut praline base that adds a nice crunch and comes in the shape of Santa’s belly too!

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Pine Garden

If anyone in the family is a unicorn fan, here’s a novel option from Pine Garden. This cake roll with vanilla sponge is sprinkled with “magic dust” and filled with the restaurant’s signature vanilla butter cream. We tried it and you’ll love the buttery taste that’s not overwhelming because the cake itself is rather light.