We all squealed in delight when we saw the cutely decorated pastries from House of Mini.

House of Mini produces mini pastries that are bite-sized.Their Baby Cups (miniature cupcakes) are just an inch in diameter, which is the size of a 50 cent coin. You can literally devour the whole cupcake in a bite.

It takes technique to frost a normal sized cupcake, what more a mirco-cupcake that is so tiny. Behind their delightfully decorated cupcakes are skilled patissiers who have been specially trained in Japan.

Their pastries are specially crafted and made with low sugar so you can enjoy these sweet treats without adding inches to your waistline.


Baby Cups (miniature cupcakes)

Baby Rollies (miniature swissrolls)

Baby Yo-Yos (miniature crispy cakes)

Baby Puff (cream puffs)

Baby Rings (miniature donuts)

Besides buying pastries, you can even design your own cupcake from scratch at House of Mini’s DIY Cupcake Parlour.

If you’ve always wanted to decorate your own cupcake, here’s your chance to unleash your creativity.


It’s really easy and great fun. First, you select the flavour of your cupcake. Then choose your desired frosting and lastly, let your imagination run wild as you decorate with sprinkles, party supplies and edible sugar decorations.

Baby Cups start from a $1 each and Classic Cupcakes are $3 each.

House of Mini is located at E!Hub Level 1, Downtown East, Pasir Ris (near escalator); Tanjong Katong Complex Level 1; #03-K2 Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Jurong Point Mall 2.