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So, the weekend is approaching. It’s Easter – THAT time of the year in which we all overindulge with chocolate Easter eggs, cakes, coffee, more chocolate and basically, anything bad. Why o why do all the bad things taste so good?

All that dieting and lent for what – to be ruined in one weekend. But before you fall into a hole of despair and self-loathing in preparation for all the chocolate you’ll eat (and pounds you’ll pile on doing so) wait one moment. There may be another way. A healthier, lighter way for you to gorge out over the weekend – guilt free.

Wouldn’t that be something? An Easter filled with dreamy chocolate and happiness, minus the shame and regret that usually follows Monday morning. We say YAY to this.

So…allow us to introduce a happier and healthier Easter with our favourite guilt-free chocolate items below.

Go forth and enjoy. We will.


Zainasaurus Chocolate Cake – $60 for 7 inches

Image: TheUglyCakeShop

This beast from The Ugly Cake Shop is dairy free, egg-free and therefore….guilt free! The chocolate cake is filled with a delightful bittersweet ganache and topped with crunchy cocoa nibs. You also have the option to make it vegan friendly or just vegetarian friendly too.


Chocolate Cream Wafers – $9

Image: Yesnatural 

Yes Natural Bakery prides itself on organic and homemade products with natural ingredients including eggless cakes and gluten free options. These wafers are made with 100% pure cocoa powder and finely baked for a light and healthy texture. With 18 per bag, they’re good to share.


Podista Hot Chocolate $7.90

Image: RedMart

If you’re into chocolate but not quite on a grand scale…then maybe you’re a hot chocolate kinda human. If so, this sugar free chocolate drink will be perfect for your long weekend. All natural ingredients, it’s made up of mainly natural sweeteners and cocoa powder.


Caffarel No Added Sugar Dark Bar $9

Image: RedMart

As far as chocolate goes, it’s an easy sum to make: the darker it is, the healthier it is.  This is because it contains less milk and other such naughty stuff to make it.  So with that in mind, we turn to Caffarel’s no added sugar dark bar. Sugar free, gluten-free and guilt freeeeeee.


Mud Fudge Cake $60 5.5 inches round

Image: Delcies

Delcies is an award winning bakery who have actually won awards based solely on their dedication to healthier bakery alternatives. How could we not include them? Their sole purpose is to create yummy cakes that do not bring with them the aftermath of regret. This mud fudge cake is thus a great Easter weekend option for the family: it’s animal-product free and 100% cholesterol free too.


Diablo Sugar Free Chocolate Cake $6.60

Image: Lazada

If you just want to dip your toes into the chocolate fest this Easter, then go plain and simple with a Diablo sugar free chocolate cake. Perfectly sliced with a coffee, it will give you all the ‘kick’ you need, minus the shame.


Brownice’s Vegan Ice Cream $3.50 per scoop

Image: Brownice

They’re Italian AND health driven – meaning you get all the authentic taste of rich Italian ice cream, minus the bad bits. Their motto is simple: “we think you should be free to savour and enjoy every bite of your food, without worrying about what it’s doing to your body or the planet and its animal friends.”  The ice cream is less than 3% fat with just 80-140 calories per scoop with no dairy, eggs or artificial ingredients. With 16 flavours in total, at least 4 are chocolate. So go fill your boots (and your cones!).