When you brush aside the “feel-good” vibes of the holiday season coupled with the incessant replaying of Christmas tunes (love it or hate it, Mariah is laughing her way to Spotify’s #1), you can finally see what the happiest time of the year is really for: binging on the best holiday meals. And because not all meals are made equal (after all, you should only be consuming three a day), Goodwood Park Hotel has dished out another round of holiday offerings in their classic east meets west style.

Pictured above: For anybody who’s sick of the classic turkey meets bread stuffing meets cranberry sauce combo (beats us but we know some who do), Goodwood Park Hotel’s version is inspired by the Hongkong style soy sauce chicken: the turkey is slow-cooked for two hours with Asian spices as well as dark and light soy sauces. $238 for 8-12 people.

The Jolly Chocolate, Blackcurrant and Cherry Savarin sounds like a mouthful which it definitely is: a sponge cake-bread hybrid that’s encased with blackcurrant, cherry curd and dark chocolate. White chocolate gold leaves add a final decadent touch. $68 for 1KG.

Not to be confused with that “filler part of the meal that everybody just wants to get over with”, these starters pack a punch: rice rolls are filled with turkey and then coated with breadcrumbs before being fried and the Hongkong Dimsum classic po lo bun is now filled with sweet-savoury turkey meat. $20 for 12 for the former and $15 for 6 for the latter.

The classic Christmas dinner table topper: the Yuletide Blossom Log Cake has white chocolate mousse that smothers a strawberry chiffon sponge base with yuzu-infused pear bits poached in red wine. And if that isn’t decadent enough, slice it all the way down for a hazelnut sable Breton base. $82 for 1KG.

Alternatively, if you somehow find ordering, unpacking and plating a meal too exhausting (hey, no judgement), Gordon’s Grill at Goodwood Park Hotel throws a pretty great buffet too: prices start at $78 for a three course meal on Christmas Eve and New Year’s to $168 for a five courser on both days. If you want to get tipsy thanks to some tipples, there’s a Christmas day brunch that starts at $188 with free flow champagne and wine.

The Goodwood Park Hotel festive meal offerings are now available at The Deli from today till 26th December. Advance orders of five days required.