PrimaDeli Triple Indulgence cake promotion
Image: PrimaDeli

Here’s a sweet way to end your week — for one day only, PrimaDeli’s new multi-layered cake will be available for $20 at all of its Singapore outlets.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, this Singapore bakery chain will retail its one kilogram Triple Indulgence sponge cake at $20 each on October 20.

Covered in vanilla fresh cream, this sponge cake consists of three multi-flavoured layers — strawberry, pandan and vanilla. Strawberry mousse is sandwiched between fluffy layers of sponge cake; chocolate pieces and a sprig of red currant add that extra dainty touch on top.

It’s pretty on the eyes, and a treat to taste. Be sure to get your box of this Triple Indulgence quick, before it’s sold out for the day.

The Triple Indulgence cake is available at all PrimaDeli outlets for $20 on October 20; this cake will retail for $39.80 after the promotional date. For more information, visit