Image: Courtesy of Primadeli

While we’re all huge fans of the salted egg croissant, we have to admit that we’re always on the prowl for some yummy new treats. Extra points if they’re simply oozing with flavour, of course!

And here at herworldPLUS, we’re happy to report that Primadeli’s new lava cheese tarts fulfills all our dreams.

Launched last week in April, these tarts come in two flavours: Original, for the lovers of gooey cheese; and salted yolk – because really, who can get enough of salted egg? (Definitely not us!)

The tarts are baked to Instagram perfection, with a caramelised golden-brown glaze that won over our taste buds the moment we smelled it.

And while none of us had the restraint to hold off on immediately polishing off the yummy desserts, these tarts don’t lose their flavour should you be saving them as a treat for later.

All you have to do is reheat it for about five minutes, put it on a pretty plate and it’s ready to be served.

Of course, you could eat it straight from the box; but trust us, you’re going to want to reheat it – the rich filling oozes out so beautifully, it’s truly deserving of an Instagram #foodporn post!


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