Photography: Veronica Tay. Assisted by: Angela Guo. Art direction: Shan

Chef-owner Petrina Loh’s take on the classic clams in white wine sauce works marvellously. Her rendition is steeped in a fig broth that carries a delicate sweetness, and has a fuller taste than the classic white wine version – you’ll want to mop up every last bit with the accompanying toasted baguette. Then there’s the cabbage kimchi – another modern addition – which lends a subtle acidity without overpowering the broth or the plump, sweet venus clams.

Go for the Omakase Menu to best sample Chef Petrina’s culinary magic. Dinner costs $85 per person; if you take the first seating (6pm-7.30pm), you can enjoy the early-bird pricing of $65.



This is a salad unlike any we’ve had before. Forget quinoa, goji berries and all the other superfoods that are staples in today’s trendy salads. This one needs no dressing up – it’s already got the basics right. A rustic medley of French heirloom tomatoes, housemade sourdough croutons and feta cheese is held together by an ingenious dressing of ember-infused olive oil and gazpacho. The saltiness of the feta, smokiness of the olive oil, and mellow sweetness of the gazpacho puree – it’s as if we’ve been transported to a sun-kissed holiday in the Mediterranean.


This story was originally published in the June 2017 issue of Her World magazine.