The Lunar New Year is less than two weeks away; for many busy Chinese families, a reunion dinner at the restaurant is the perfect way to end the year. You’ll want to treat your family to a sumptuous feast but which restaurant should you opt for?

Be it the classic dishes of Man Fu Yuan, the modern Cantonese fare of Peach Blossoms or the spicy dishes of Si Chuan Dou Hua, these three restaurants offer menus to please the relatives and those in search of creative new flavours.

With these Chinese New Year specials, you’ll toss to prosperity with quality yu sheng, enjoy hearty bowls of pen cai, steamboat delights, sweet New Year cakes and more.

Peach Blossoms Wagyu Beef Yu Sheng  Man Fu Yan Poon Choi

Pictured above: Si Chuan Dou Hua’s Charcoal-roasted Suckling Pig ($238 for 4-5kg), Peach Blossoms’ wagyu beef yu sheng ($68 for the small portion, $118 for the large portion) and Man Fu Yuan’s deluxe treasure pot ($68 for the small portion, $118 for the large portion)

Diners will also have the option of bringing home these restaurant delights; all three restaurants offer takeaways of selected dishes. Fussy relatives will be pleased to have restaurant fare at home and the hosts will have more time to deck the house with celebratory decor too.

We dined on the Chinese New Year menus of these three restaurants and here are our reviews.

Chinese New Year food review: Peach Blossoms

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