Name of restaurant: Brussel Sprouts at Big Splash
Type of Cuisine: Belgian, French

Besides their popular mussels, this Brussel Sprouts outlet offers Belgian-inspired breakfast meals too. Exclusively available at its Big Splash outlet, the Belgian restaurant’s homemade morning dishes are comfort food best enjoyed on a lazy day.

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Brussel Sprouts at Big Splash

Located next to East Coast Park, Brussel Sprouts’ easy breezy setting will have you set for a laid-back Sunday morning. The beach is just a short walk away too. The glass house facade means that natural light abounds in this spacious restaurant. Thankfully, the restaurant doesn’t feel too warm in spite of that, even in the afternoon.

Brussel Sprouts BS Breakfast, brunchMust-tries/ Specialties:
Go for the BS Breakfast ($15, featured on the right) if you’re looking for a classic, hearty breakfast.

Diners get to choose how they would like their eggs done — be it scrambled, sunny side up or poached.

After which, select from a selection of three sausages: the kurobuta, the thin and spicy chipolata or the chunky chorizo.

Paired with red wine sauce, this morning meal also includes grilled tomato, sauteed mushrooms baked beans, bacon and toasts.

We love how these sausages are so juicy and flavourful while the red wine sauce simply complements the dish.

While we did like the chipolata and the chorizo too, we particularly enjoyed the homemade kurobuta pork sausages with the mashed potato in the sausage platter ($18). Made with carrot, unsalted butter and milk, Brussel Sprouts’ homemade mashed potato was pleasantly light and not too creamy.

The les tartines ($8) on the other hand, is really more of a kiddy treat. The set included an assortment of toasts with the fruity Sirop de Liège spread, homemade strawberry jam and chocolate.

While we found these toasts a tad too sweet for our liking, we did appreciate the super soft marshmallows that accompanied the dish; it’s a dish best recommended for diners with a sweet tooth and a hankering for childhood treats.

Brussel Sprouts Eggs Florentine, breakfast, brunch Brussel Sprouts healthy homemade granola, breakfast
Eggs florentine with smoked salmon and healthy homemade granola, both sets at $15 each

We were less keen on the healthier breakfast sets however.

The eggs florentine with smoked salmon is certainly less greasy compared to the BS Breakfast set but it did leave less of an impression on us, as compared to the other menu items.

Like the eggs benedict, a pair of poached eggs sit pretty on the toast, except that the eggs florentine would substitute the slice of ham with spinach. While the ooze-worthy eggs broke easily, we had to add pepper to the eggs for more flavour.

The restaurant’s healthy granola set may one of the healthiest breakfast options though it’s true that this dish is nothing more than simple fare.

Since you can’t go wrong with this dish, we would recommend that you pick the soy milk instead of the full cream milk and skim milk options. The homemade soy milk was enjoyably light, with just a hint of sweetness, so you can drizzle a cup of honey onto your granola without making your breakfast cloyingly sweet. The accompanying Greek yoghurt and berries were a welcome treat too.


Food review rating: 3 out of 5

Good beach-side brunch spot, though we would recommend the heartier options for a more satisfying meal.

The restaurant’s breakfast sets are available every Sunday from 9am to 12 pm. Brussel Sprouts at Big Splash is located at 902 East Coast Parkway, Block F, #01-27, Playground @ Big Splash, Singapore 449874, Tel: 6346 4344. Visit for more information.