Photo: Goodwood Park Hotel

Mooncake season is back with so many choices and it gets confusing. Let us clear that path a little and guide you along.


For those who like durian

Photo: Old Seng Choong

Online retailer Old Seng Choong ( offers the Mao Shan Wang durian snowskin mooncake ($80 for eight). The type of durian is famous for its bittersweet taste, and fans love it.


For the cutie pies

Photo: Hello Kitty Orchid Garden

Who does not like Hello Kitty? Hello Kitty Orchid Garden (Terminal 3, Changi Airport, Tel: 6241-6127) stamps the iconic character on regular mooncakes, instantly making it adorable. Cute does not come cheap ($33.80 for a box of two) but imagine the squeals of joy you will hear when you present this to someone.


For those who like it tart

Photo: The Fullerton Hotel

Thank goodness The Fullerton Hotel Singapore (Tel: 6877-8943) has introduced the tangerine lemon and pistachio snowskin mooncake (from $60, above). The brightness from the citrus helps lighten the taste and the bits of pistachios add crunch.And while the prickly pear with bergamot snowskin mooncake (from $32, right) from Goodwood Park Hotel (Tel: 6730-1867) is not quite tart, it is refreshing and a break from the usual mooncakes. The prickly pear keeps it juicy and the bergamot makes it fragrant.


For those who need alcohol

Photo: St. Regis Singapore

Yan Ting (The St. Regis Singapore, Tel: 6506-6852) offers champagne truffle with chocolate paste ($73 for a box of eight). The chocolate paste is rich and bittersweet, and the mooncake is bursting with the vibrant taste of champagne. It is a stately mooncake too; the black sesame skin is accentuated with hints of gold.

For the health-conscious

Photo: Resorts World Sentosa

Mooncakes are not known to be healthy snacks, but the black garlic with white lotus and custard paste mooncake ($68 for a box of six) from Feng Shui Inn (Resorts World Sentosa, Tel: 6577-6599) is great for those watching their sugar intake. It has less sugar and brown sugar is used instead of refined white sugar.

For those who don’t really like mooncakes

Photo: Birds of a Feather

Birds Of A Feather (115, Amoy Street, Tel: 6221-7449) has The Golden Moon ($13, available between Oct 2 and Oct 8).

The golden salted egg yolk is now salted egg cream, with lotus seed paste and caramelised five grains. It is so well disguised, you won’t even know you are eating a mooncake.


For your posh boss

Photo: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

This packaging is perfect for bosses, clients or in-laws, anyone you need to kiss up to.

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport’s (Tel: 6823-5367) premium gift box (from $118) comes with four baked mooncakes and a bottle of Bottega Gold sparkling wine. It really does not matter how the mooncakes taste because the packaging should already impress.


This article was first published at The New Paper.