Traveling to Paris for a gluttonous, food-filled holiday and Michelin meals?

Best restaurants in ParisBetter be prepared to dig deep for la vie en rose, as yet another major survey has confirmed that the city of light will cost a pretty euro.

According to the latest Zagat survey released this week, the average meal in Paris will set you back about 62 (S$99.50) almost double the cost of a meal in New York, which averages 33 (S$52.95), and just a little less than London, where a restaurant meal will cost around 52 (S$83.43). Only Tokyo is more expensive at 84 (S$134.78), says Zagat.

The latest Paris restaurant guide by Zagat was written based on the reviews of 714 restaurants in the Paris region by 8,015 diners.

The survey also found that Parisians go to restaurants on average three times a week, more than Londoners (2.4 a week) but less than Tokyo residents (4 times/week).

When it comes to celebrity chefs, respondents were evenly divided, with 48 percent saying they choose restaurants for the star power in the kitchen, while 49 percent said it matters little to them who’s at the helm.

As for restaurant pet peeves, 76 per cent of Parisians named bad service as their biggest turn-off, while 17 percent named excess noise.

Here, Zagat’s top five restaurants across eight categories, including food, popularity, new arrivals, and best bistros and brasseries across the city.

1) Taillevent
2) Pierre Gagnaire
3) Guy Savoy
4) Grand Véfour
5) Le Cinq

1) Cristal Room
2) Le Cinq
3) Grand Véfour
4) Taillevent
5) Le Meurice

1) Taillevent
2) Epicure   
3) Le Meurice
4) Le Cinq
5) Ambassadeurs

1) Atelier Joël Robuchon
2) Taillevent
3) Guy Savoy
4) Jules Verne
5) Alain Ducasse

New arrivals
1) Septime
2) Agapé Substance
3) Auberge du 15
4) Abeille
5) Akrame

1) As du Fallafel
2) Higuma
3) Chartier
4) Al Taglio
5) Baron Rouge

Traditional bistro
1) Quincy
2) Chez L’Ami Jean
3) Violon d’Ingres
4) Petit Pontoise
5) Régalade

1) Comptoir du Relais
2) Relais Plaza
3) Dessirier
4) Chez Les Anges
5) Pétrus