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From rolled ice cream in taco-shaped waffle cones in colourful hues to hearty items like black pepper beef ribs and tulang or lamb shank served in a bucket, the annual Hari Raya Bazaar at Geylang Serai always has a wide array of fun and fancy food offerings to choose from.

There are also classic street food items including otah (spiced fish paste), vadai (shrimp fritters) and ayam percik (spicy grilled chicken), as well as okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) with various fillings, burgers and crumbed squid.

Sip on iced and blended drinks such as Thai iced tea and virgin mojito.

The popular bazaar opened last weekend and features about 3,000 stalls selling food, clothes and other festive products. It was bustling when The Sunday Times visited it on Wednesday and Thursday last week. There were about 50 stalls selling food items.

Indeed, the bazaar is one of the highlights during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Other bazaars over the Ramadan period include ones at Woodlands and Tampines.

New offerings at the bazaar in Geylang Serai include an edible helium balloon made with sugar, chicken meatballs with satay gravy, seared beef with mentaiko sauce and an icy mango slushy with mango sorbet and fresh mango.

During Ramadan, the day usually begins with a predawn meal, or sahur, and ends with a meal at dusk, or iftar. The end of Ramadan is marked by a celebration known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Eid ul-Fitri, which falls on June 15 this year.

Opt for a buffet or set meal at a restaurant or snack on street food at the Hari Raya Bazaar.

Here is the lowdown.





Otah otah

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What: Ikan 1986, which has taken up a stall at the bazaar for the last 30 years, has seven types of otah on offer, including original, prawn, squid, crab meat and scallop.

The otah is made of minced mackerel and a fragrant blend of herbs. The shop also sells pulot bakar, or grilled banana leaf-wrapped pillows of coconut glutinous rice with fillings such as dried shrimp, chicken and beef.

Where: Ikan 1986, stall numbers TK 5 and GS 246

Open: 4 to 11pm, daily

Price: From $3 to $4 for five otah, depending on the flavour. Large otah parcels cost $4 each. Pulot bakar costs $1.50 each


Beef ribs with biryani rice

beef ribs with biryani rice

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What: Bite-sized pieces of roast beef are tossed on a griddle and slathered with a black pepper sauce. It is served in a cup with fries or biryani – opt for the tasty biryani unless you like soggy fries. Lamb ribs and popcorn chicken are also available.

Where: Word. Bucket Gangster, stall numbers WGS 39, GS 226, TK 26

Open: 4 to 11pm, daily

Price: $12 for a serving of beef or lamb ribs


Mee kuah tulang

mee kuah tulang

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What: Sofnade, known for its ice cream, is offering hot food this year. Go for Mee Kuah Tulang, lamb shank with yellow Hokkien noodles in a spicy gravy, as well as chicken meatballs in satay gravy.

Where: Chef Syed X Meatballs In A Bucket by Sofnade, stall number GS 243/244. Meatballs In A Bucket is also located at TK4.

Open: 3.30 to about 11.30pm, daily.

Price: Mee kuah tulang $7 (only at GS243/244), Meatballs $9


Mango parfait-slushy

mango parfait slushy

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What: Beat the heat with a large cup of mango slushy. In a separate bowl placed atop the slushy are scoops of mango sorbet and chunks of fresh Australian Kensington Pride mango.

Where: Super Mango, Stall number 58

Open: 3pm to midnight, daily

Price: $8.90


Taco dendeng

taco dendeng

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What: Corn taco shells are filled with freshly grilled dendeng, or beef jerky, and topped with shredded cabbage and fresh pico de gallo, a Mexican tomato salsa.

Where: Dendeng Duo, stall numbers WGS 40 and GS 203

Open: 4 to 11pm, daily

Price: $6 for two tacos


Ondeh ondeh

ondeh ondeh

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What: Tuck into Dutch baby pancakes or poffertjes, which are made to order at Cake Love. Flavours include red velvet and Nutella. For a local twist, try the ondeh ondeh pancakes with gula melaka syrup, fresh coconut and shaved gula melaka.

Where: Cake Love, stall number WGS 37

Open: 4 to 11pm, daily

Price: $6 for 10 baby pancakes




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What: The vadai or shrimp fritters here, which are light and fluffy, are made on the spot and fried in batches to ensure they remain hot and crispy.

Where: Mr Wadeh, stall number GS 14

Open: 4.30 to 10pm, daily

Price: $2 for three pieces

The stalls are located at the Hari Raya Bazaar in Geylang Serai, along Tanjong Katong (TK) and Geylang roads, as well as Sims Avenue, near the Geylang Serai market (GS) and Wisma Geylang Serai (WGS).

This article was originally published in The Straits Times.