Photo: Unsplash

Whether it’s for the Meatless Monday movement or guilt for overindulging during the weekend, one thing is certain – Mondays are often the unofficial “salad day” of the week. According to Deliveroo, these leafy bowl orders pour in most during lunch hour on Mondays. Their most popular salad till date? Maki-San’s DIY Mega San Salad, which garners an average of 110 bowls per day.

But if you’re time-strapped, stuck in a meeting and choosing your own ingredients is too much of a hassle, speed things up and order one of these on-the-menu salads that are available on the delivery app.

The Guardian by VIOS by Blu Kouzina ($14.99)

Put a Mediterranean spin on your salad bowl with this nutritious number from Greek restaurant Vios by Blu Kouzina. On top of spinach, tzatziki, carrots, eggplant dip, quinoa, broccoli, chicken and parsley, it includes a peppery punch that’ll jolt your tastebuds awake, thanks to the fiery Harissa sauce.

The Super Salad by Shake Farm ($14)

If you’re a fan of hummus, don’t miss this well-loved salad from Shake Farm. It comes with hard-boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, chia seeds, raisins, toasted coconut, homemade balsamic dressing and your pick between chicken breast and tuna salsa. Powered through an intense workout class this morning? Reward yourself with their Super Strength Protein Shake ($12) for quicker recovery.

Superfood Kale Salad by Artisan Boulangerie Co. ($12.84)

Kale lovers, this one’s for you. Topped with quinoa, feta, cranberries, edamame, pecans and apple for extra crunch, this super healthy salad comes with a side of lemon dressing to drizzle all over for a tangy bite. And it comes with a side of toast too!

Florina Salad by Souvlaki Bar by Fotia ($14.80)

If raw leafy greens aren’t your thing, go for this savoury greek salad featuring roasted Florina peppers, cherry tomatoes, pita bread, grilled manouri cheese, and a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

PS House Salad by PS.Cafe ($20.88)

This salad, popular among many, comprises rocket, leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, edamame. While it sounds super simple, it scores a winning point with its unique dressing – ginger miso chilli – that adds a flavourful punch to the healthy bowl.