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A competent Cantonese restaurant with friendly prices is always a welcome addition to the Central Business District (CBD).

And when that restaurant has history backing it, that makes it an even better deal.

Myo Restobar is an offshoot of Kia Hiang Restaurant, which has been operating at International Plaza since 1975.

Myo combines dishes that are popular at Kia Hiang and dimsum from the latter’s now-closed Kim Tian Road branch, which means you can have the best of both worlds along with the craft beers Myo carries.

Another plus is that eating at Myo will not burn a hole in your wallet.

The lunch sets (from $16) should come in handy when you are on a budget.


Photo: The New Paper

My favourite item is a classic dish from Kia Hiang, the Kia Hiang Claypot Spring Chicken ($18). It has to be one of the tastiest chicken dishes in the CBD.

The savoury brown sauce demands rice and repeat tastings, while the chicken is cooked until tender. Not much else is needed.

If eating organic food is important to you, the Kia Hiang Claypot Organic Chicken ($28) is another option.I am sure I am not the only one who thinks that if a Cantonese restaurant cannot give you good soup, it should just give up. Myo can remain open.


Photo: The New Paper

The Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Ginseng ($6) is great for its price. The soup is flavourful and comforting, with a strong hint of ginseng.

The dimsum offerings at Myo are good too.


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The Gold Foil Dumplings with Assorted Mushroom ($4.80 for three) is smooth, and the mushroom stuffing is almost creamy in flavour.

Another item to try is the Flaky Angus Beef Pastry ($5.80). But once Myo gets outside its realm of traditional Chinese food, everything goes wonky.


Photo: The New Paper

I tried two, but both did not work for me.The Baked Hamachi Collar in Butter Sauce ($18) is strangely tart, while the Angus Tenderloin Cubes with Garlic & Broccoli (above, from $18) is overcooked and has that strange tart undertone.

White ($8).

It is not too sweet and has just enough of a coconut accent without being overbearing. It is a pleasant, though unremarkable, way to end the meal.


Myo Restobar
138, Robinson Road, #19-01, Oxley Tower
Open 11am to 9pm Sunday to Friday, Tel: 6931-1247


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