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The King of fruits is so famous that it has an iconic building designed after it. You either love it or hate it, but there’s no avoiding that it is…durian season. 

This season though, we’re here to help you be more adventurous when it comes to durians. 

Here are the most crazy durian dishes available this season that you must try: 


1. Durian Hotpot, Four Seasons Durian Restaurant

Photo: Four Seasons Durian Restaurant

Four Seasons Durian, known for their creative dishes with the King of fruits, has recently come up with what might be their craziest idea yet – Durian Hotpot. Pairing the traditional hotpot with Mao Shan Wang, known for its buttery yet bittersweet taste, compliments the savoury soup-stock perfectly. 

The sweet broth now has added depth and flavour, giving your traditional hotpot dish that extra punch. The hotpot is served with your usual range of ingredients like chicken, beef, fish mushrooms, noodles and vegetables. 

Where: Four Seasons Durian Restaurant at Jewel Changi Airport, tel: 6909 9789


2. Durian Fried Rice, Escape Restaurant and Lounge

Photo: Escape Restaurant and Lounge

This buffet doesn’t just serve you fantastic food, it’s there to satisfy your cravings at any hour. The 24/7 One Farrer Hotel buffet line has dozen of signature treats that you’ll love, namely the Teochew Porridge, Laksa, Chicken rice and Tandoori Chicken. 

But the star for the day is definitely the Durian Fried Rice. With servings of perfectly cooked fried rice with a deliciously smoky aftertaste, customers will dollop spoonfuls of durian on top of the rice. 

While the recipe sounds like it could go terribly wrong, the sweetness of the durian mixed with the tasty fried rice does wonders for your tastebuds. 

The dish is served with a helping of spicy Sambal sauce as well. This combination of spicy, sweet and smoky really takes the dish to the next level. 

You just have to try it for yourself. 

Where: Escape Restaurant & Lounge at One Farrer Hotel, tel : 6705 7828


3. Black Charcoal Mao Shan Wang Durian Pizza, Mao Shan Wang cafe

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If the name doesn’t already give it away, the Mao Shan Wang cafe is crazy about durians. Not only can you find top-notch quality but also an impressive menu on different ways you can eat this fruit. 

The first-ever of its kind, the pizza is a spectacle to behold. Upon ordering, the durian is freshly scooped on the spot, giving the dish only the freshest taste. 

Topped with layers of cheese, the durian flavour is balanced perfectly and isn’t too overwhelming. The thick charcoal crust holds everything together and tops the whole dish off. 

This is definitely a dish to be shared as the legendary combination might be too much for one person to finish off on his own. 

Of course, it’s so yummy you just might be able to finish the generous dish – you’re welcome to take up the challenge. 

Where: Mao Shan Wang cafe at 9 Temple Street, tel: 6221 2338


4. Durian Coffee, Mao Shan Wang cafe

Photo: Mao Shan Wang cafe

Leave it to Mao Shan Wang cafe to find a way to drink durians. Yes, you heard us right. The famous cafe is boasting it’s latest roast: Durian Coffee. 

It’s every coffee-lovers dream (or worst nightmare). The roasted blend is mixed in with durian essence to give it a different punch, surely it can’t be too bad given how many different types of coffee blends that exist now. 

Hate it or love it, you have to try it for yourself. Each cup goes for $5. 

Where: Mao Shan Wang cafe at 9 Temple Street, tel: 6221 2338


5. Durian Omakase Experience, 99 Old Trees

Photo: 99 Old Trees


This is durian cuisine is unlike anything you’ve ever had before. This isn’t so much a dish as it is an experience. 

Named after the spirit of Japanese-style omakase, where diners let their chef decide what to serve for their meal, 99 Old Trees is determined to teach you a thing or two about this fabulous fruit. 

You get to try six different types of durian, where the ‘chef’ then educates you on its origin and how to best consume each one. 

Bear in mind that the first five courses are more of an educational dining experience and you only get about two seeds each. The star of the show is the last course – the free-flow Mao Shan Wang. So be sure to pace yourselves if you want to make your money’s worth. 

This unique sessions are only held from now until August 31, each costing $60 per pax. Remember to call and book in advance. 

Where: 99 Old Tress at 46 Owen Road, tel: 9822 2495


6. Mini D24 Ice Cream Bars, Goodwood Park Hotel

Photo: Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel is hosting a Durian Fiesta throughout June and July and they’re bringing on their craziest Durian-inspired desserts. 

These little bars of goodness may seem underwhelming and just like any regular Magnum bar, but don’t be fooled.  Each bar is stuffed with the classic D24 durian, coated completely with rich chocolate that crunches when you bite into it. 

Available in four different flavours – dark chocolate, almond, cappuccino and Oreo. A box of all four flavours costs $22. 

Where: Durian Fiesta at Goodwood Park Hotel,  tel: 6730 1786


7. D24 Matcha Mont Blanc Tart, Goodwood Park Hotel

Photo: Burpple


This new spin on the classic mont blanc dessert is the perfect treat if you don’t want the taste of durian to overpower your senses. 

The tiny tart is filled with a layer of matcha mousse and chestnut mousse, a white chocolate dome filled with D24 durian rests over the mousse, balancing the richness of the mousse out.

Finally, a white chocolate tuile and matcha sponge cake tops it all off. 

Where: Durian Fiesta at Goodwood Park Hotel,  tel: 6730 1786


8. Durian Rojak, Marriot Cafe Durian High Tea Buffet

Photo: Eatbook


Combining two local favourites…what could go wrong? 

The creamy, sweet and deliciously pungent taste of the durian compliments the crunchiness of rojak. The durian comes in the form of a  dressing drizzled over the fried you tiao pieces and pineapple bits. It’s a genius pairing and one that you must try if you love both durians and rojak. 

The Durian High Tea Buffet by Marriot Cafe hosts more of these clever durian treats priced at $45++ per person. 

With everything from Durian Rocket Pizza to Durian Azuki Red Bean Pudding, it’s a definite must-try for all durian lovers. 

Where: Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, tel: 6831 4605