It’s been about a month since the 25th edition of the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) begun and sales are officially in full swing. If you’re unaware of it yet, now’s the time to snatch all the goods you’ve been eyeing, with crazy discounts slashing down the tags by the hundreds.

If you’re like some of us, who have been saving our dollars for the GSS, you might be keeping all your shopping to one long day. Or even if you intend to break out your spending over a couple of days, there’s no doubt that having a little teatime break or a wind down period is a must.

For your convenience, we’ve located 5 new spots for you (along Orchard Road and Raffles City) to rest your aching feet as you sip on some tea or coffee. If you’re absolutely famished, grab a sandwich or cake alongside – you’ll definitely need the energy! They’re not your chain cafes which you can find at most places, but trust us, they promise an equally, and maybe even better experience.


1) Benjamin Barker Cafe @ Cineleisure

Photo: Instagram/BenjaminBarkerCafe

Opened just a few weeks ago, the gentleman’s label expanded their store space to include a chic cafe. It gives you a cosy vibe with it’s living room-like interiors while little quirky touches like a neon sign and bicycle on the wall give it a nostalgic feel.

It serves up a pretty extensive menu from brunch to dinner – burgers, pastas, pizzas and desserts of course. So if you’re looking to devour a full meal, this place is great as well. The cafe uses coffee beans roasted from Papa Pahelta, while it’s tea comes from local brand Gryphon Tea.

On a hot day, try out the Earl Grey Lavender with Strawberry Cold Brew Sparkling Tea, guaranteed to give you a breath of fresh air. If you’re craving for a sweet bite, try their Insta-worthy waffles, served with the ice cream flavour of the month.

Where: Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, #01-01



2) The Dark Gallery @ Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Photo: Instagram/TheDarkGallery

For the chocoholics – the Dark Gallery’s flagship store will appeal to your senses.

Opened in April this year, the cafe brings a chocolate lover’s dream to life by serving up almost anything you’d crave for, be it a chocolate souffle, a hot chocolate, or chocolate bonbons. Tucked away at the mall’s basement, this Dark Gallery is perfect for having a cocoa break, or if you want a sugary sweet treat to nibble on whilst shopping.

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you can opt for the hot cocoa drinks that truly taste like cocoa beans – a bitter yet fruity experience that resembles coffee beans. The cafe also serves coffee and tea if you’d rather have something lighter. Try the Signature Hot Chocolate that’s topped with cream cheese – an odd but surprisingly light and tasty pairing. If that won’t quite hit the spot, try out its Passion Fruit Citrus Soda.

Where: Takashimaya Shopping Centre, #B2-29



3) Wonderland Savour @ Wisma Atria

Photo: Instagram/WonderlandSavour

The first thing that draws you to Wonderland Savour is the glowing glass of macaroons. The next, the sound of music (more hip & classy of course) blasting through speakers. Another thing that’ll draw you to this modern European restaurant is its decor that pays tribute to the Alice in Wonderland film itself – checkered floor tiles and a bold picture of the Mad Hatter hanging behind the bar.

With chic bar stools and lush seats to welcome you, Wonderland Savour serves up an extensive menu with pasta, risotto and main dishes with both meat and seafood available. Of course if all you want is a cuppa, the bar has many options for you to choose from.

If you’re wanting more than a cuppa, try out the cafe’s newest addition, the Linguine Chilli Crab. What’s equally attractive is its Tea Set that comes with an assortment of pastries, mini toasts, mini sandwiches and your choice of coffee or tea – all for a minimum of $28. It is available from 11am to 6pm daily.

Where: Wisma Atria, #02-08


4) Kith Cafe @ Shaw House

Photo: Instagram/KithCafeSingapore

If you wanna have a one-stop shop complete with a tea break, Isetan at Shaw House is the place for you. Nestled within the 5-storey departmental store is Kith Cafe. As you bag more items on each floor, take a break at the second and grab a piping hot cup of tea, coffee or fresh fruit drink – the drinks menu is pretty vast.

Pastries like scones, banana bread and chocolate roll would be a great pairing with the drinks. Since it’s popular for its western cuisine, you’ll also want to give its beef lasagna a go. If you’re like some of us who are always up for some good ol’ pancakes at any hour of the day, then get the House-made Pancakes. Thirsty? Quench yourself with the Iced Earl Grey Lavender & Orange as you embark on the rest of your shopping.

Where: Shaw House, Level 2



5) The Glasshouse @ Raffles City

Photo: Instagram/TheGlasshouse 

This minimalist cafe features wooden as well as leafy elements to emulate a greenhouse. The result? A bright and relaxing ambience amidst a bustling district, that makes The Glasshouse the perfect escapade after hours of being cooped up in store after store.

Glasshouse has been serving up artisanal coffee and scrumptious toasts since it first opened in late 2017 and it’s been a hit among crowds ever since. Be sure to try the Mocha and Classic Salmon toast – a crowd favourite.

They also serve tea, pastries and gourmet sandwiches. The perfect tea-time break, if you ask us! Just be sure to head there early as the cafe closes at 5pm on weekdays and 6pm on weekends, and the cafe tends to get a little crowded during the lunch hour.

Where: Chijmes, #01-03