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It’s very noble to refuse to eat meat in support of the environment and disenfranchised animals, but some of us just need a meat fix every now and then, preferably not at McDonald’s.

Unfortunately, a big juicy beef steak will always be more expensive than a few limp pieces of tofu or a salad that contains nothing but leaves.

But thanks to the Entertainer mobile app, which provides 1-for-1 offers on mains at a very long list of restaurants all over Singapore, you get to sink your canines into some very juicy deals. Purchase your subscription here and save $10!

1. MEATliquor
99 Duxton Road
Phone: 6221 5343

MEATliquor pretends to be a greasy American diner, but is really a hipster joint in disguise. Expect your meal to be many cuts above what you would receive at Biller Bombers or TGIF. If you like your burgers dripping with cheese and your cocktails strong, give this new joint a try. The Entertainer app gives you 1-for-1 on main menu items, so a friend gets to eat for free.

We recommend: The bacon cheeseburger is delightfully sinful and has a sticker price of $23.

2. Fat Cow
1 Orchard Boulevard
Phone: 6735 0308

You can’t tell just from the name, but Fat Cow is actually a Japanese-style steakhouse that is decidedly posh. In fact, if you decide to go there dressed in a mouldy old tshirt you got free from the army, you’ll be too intimidated to walk in when you see the stylish entrance. If you do make it inside, though, you’ll get to sink your teeth into their specialty, the to-die-for wagyu steak. A meal is going to cost at least $100 per person here, but just flashing the Entertainer is likely to shave at least $100 off your bill.

We recommend: The full cut 300g Grade A4 ribeye wagyu steak costs a whopping $238, but that also means you can save up to $238 if you use the app.

3. Bedrock Bar and Grill
96 Somerset Road, #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites
Phone: 6238 0054

Bedrock Bar and Grill sources their meats and seafood from farms in the US, Australia and Japan, so you won’t have to worry about being served with a China-imported piece of meat that tastes just like the ones you find in NTUC’s bargain bin. With a dignified yet cosy interior and dishes made of quality ingredients, Bedrock isn’t a cheap place to dine at. A single main course can easily set you back $50 to $100 nett.

We recommend: The Bedrock Pepper Steak which is made of sumptuous wagyu beef. At $89 not including GST and service charge, it is not cheap, but with the Entertainer the price is halved.

4. La Barca
90 Goodman Road #01-21, Block C, Goodman Arts Centre
Phone: 6346 5813

Italian food doesn’t just mean pizza and pasta. In fact, a pasta dish is just the first course and should be followed by a second course of meat, glorious meat. At Barca, tuck into juicy steaks and succulent cuts of chicken and fish, all prepared by an Italian chef from Calabria—thank goodness, as the Italians take their food very seriously.

We recommend: Try the beef tenderloin wrapped in cured bacon and sautéed mushrooms which, at $48, becomes a steal at half the price once you use the Entertainer.

5. Ristorante Amarone
168 Robinson Road, #01-08/09/10 Capital Tower
Phone: 6423 0464

Our second Italian restaurant on the list is one of Singapore’s most established. Situated on the ground floor of a stuffy-looking office building, this is not really a casual place, but manages to be inviting nonetheless. The food is hearty and the standard is consistently high.

We recommend: Try the beef tenderloin in cream sauce and pink pepper, which costs $40. Use the Entertainer and the price of one, at $20, can even rival Astons’.


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