With Chinese New Year soon here, most of us delight in the snacking. Who can get enough of those pineapple tarts or bak kwa? We’ll only fret about the calorie count afterwards.

This year, we compiled a sobering chart on the calorie cost of snacking and it truly touched a nerve; our list became part of a meme that spread like wildfire on Facebook and went viral over 9GAG Singapore too.

Here’s a look at the original page, with calorie count provided by dietician Bibi Chia, the head of Live Wise Health Centre. Yes, we’re sorry to break the bad news but we did our research and those numbers* are as real as you can get.

*Exercise times are calculated using a 60kg woman as a basis.

Her World Singapore CNY 2013 Goodies Calorie Count Guide

This chart was originally published in Her World February 2013. To read more, get your copy from newsstands now.