Few of us can afford a full omakase meal at chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s award winning Japanese fine diner Waku Ghin – which makes the opening of Patisserie Platine, his first patisserie in Singapore, all that much sweeter. Here, you’ll finally be able to enjoy Waku Ghin’s exquisite desserts – these are crafted by the same pastry team as at Waku Ghin, led by veteran pastry chef Yasushi Ishino – without having to go for an expensive dinner at the main restaurant.

Not sure where to start when faced with a menu of eighteen different handmade pastries and petit cakes? Here are four of our favourites.

Pattiserie Platine

1. Ghin Cheesecake (lemon cheese mousse, lemon curd), $12

This dainty cheesecake, complete with snow-white chocolate feather on top and refreshing lemon curd centre, is created with a Japanese touch – it’s lighter, less sweet, but still with a full-bodied flavour. We love that it doesn’t leave a cloying aftertaste.

Pattiserie Platine

2. Seasonal Fruit Tart (fresh fruit, almond cream), $12

Patisserie Platine uses fresh fruits from Europe and Japan, so you can trust that this fruit tart is basically a basket of fruit divided into a single portion, and worth every dollar. The glaze is also less sweet than the regular fruit tarts’ so this is the ideal guilt-free indulgence.

Pattiserie Platine

3. Coconut Mousse with Mango and Passion Fruit, $10

The delicate coconut and mango mousse dome breaks apart at a tap of the spoon. And this isn’t just a pretty dessert either – this is one delicious confectionary with light hints of passion fruit complementing the tangy taste of mango. This is one of our absolute favourites.

Pattiserie Platine

4. Macaron Selection, $25 for a box of 12

Specially crafted to fit a single bite, this Macaron allows you to savour all the flavours at one go – who knew that rum raisin, raspberry, chocolate, pistachio, coffee, passion fruit and mango would go so well together?


Patisserie Platine is located at RISE Lounge at MBS Hotel Lobby, Tower 1, tel: 6688 5568