Chicken wings, or just fried chicken, seem to be the current food craze in Singapore. From Taiwan fried chicken cutlet stalls to chicken wing outlets like 4 Fingers, there is always a snaking queue outside these places for fried chicken.

Wingstop, the fast casual chain famous for its buffalo wings in the US and Mexico, has now open its first ever Asia outlet in Singapore. With eleven flavours and three types of chicken wings to choose from, and even sides that are freshly made everyday, Wingstop is going to be the next stop for everyone’s chicken wing cravings.


Name of restaurant: Wingstop
Type of cuisine: Western, chicken wings
Ambience of restaurant: Going for a casual, fast food chain concept, Wingstop is decked out in bright colours with posters of its different flavours on the walls.

Must tries:

Original Hot.png

Wingstop’s original hot flavour is branded as the most popular in the US, but could probably take some getting used to here in Singapore. A subtle mix of spiciness and tanginess, the original hot flavour is for those who want to try the original buffalo wing taste from the US.

Garlic Parmesan.png

If you’re a huge fan of cheese and just have to have cheese on every food you eat, the garlic parmesan will be the flavour to go for. Generously coated with grated parmesan, each cheesy bite has a hint of garlic in it, which combats the richness of the cheese.

Oriental Soy.png

For those of you who want a ‘Singaporean’ taste in your chicken wings, Wingstop has created a flavour specially for the locals – oriental soy. The slightly sweet wings will give you the nostalgic feel of your Grandma’s soy sauce chicken, with a Western twist

Louisiana Rub.png

Wingstop’s bestseller, the Louisiana Rub, definitely deserves to be the best selling flavour out of the eleven. With a good mix of sweet and salty in the seasoning, the Louisiana Rub tastes like the kind of sauce we all love on our pork ribs.


Food review rating: 4 out of 5
With all the chicken wing joints popping up all over Singapore, Wingstop serves up some of the best in Singapore for you to enjoy, cooked on the spot and with sauces and sides handmade on the day itself.

All chicken wings are sold in combo sets. Six pieces of chicken wings are sold for $9.95, while eight pieces are sold at $11.95. All combo sets come with two flavours, one regular side, one regular soft drink and one dip.

Wingstop is located at #B1-53, Bedok Mall, 311 New Upper Changi Road. For more information on Wingstop, visit its Facebook page. You can also follow it on Twitter and Instagram @wingstopsg.