If you’re a fan of these sweet French pastries, you’ll no doubt be excited to know that there’s now a boutique cafe in Singapore that specialises in eclairs. L’eclair by Sarah Michelle has just recently opened its first cafe at Singapore Shopping Centre.

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The cafe, which sits at the front of the building facing Clemenceau road, exudes an elegant and classy vibe. The venue is also very spacious and comfy perfect to have a cup of tea and dessert while you sit, chill and catch up with friends.

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The eclairs are displayed in a glass refrigerator so you can walk right up and consider your choices for the day.

Remember when eclairs were just yummy pieces of pastry filled with cream and topped with chocolate? Well, drawing inspiration from the French and their twist on the original eclair, these decadent modern pastries from L’eclair are essentially a ‘leveled up’, prettier and tastier version of the original ones.

You’ll be spoilt for choice as the cafe offers up to 10 unique eclair flavours a day!

Aside from the four classic flavours which include vanilla & pecans, dark chocolate, salted caramel and ispahan, the other flavours are seasonal and will be changed up constantly. Some of the seasonal flavours include matcha, earl grey and lemon meringue, so you can expect a surprise new flavour each time you visit the cafe.

Must tries

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Image: L’eclair’s facebook

One of the must-tries in the cafe is the chicken and bacon pie ($12). This is the only savoury item on the menu, and also the only thing that’s not an eclair.

The chicken and bacon pie is the cafe’s special creation and is essentially a sweet pastry filled with mushroom, chicken and bacon in a slightly salty BBQ cream sauce. The buttery sweetness of the crumbly pastry is more cake-like as compared to your average flaky pastry which balances out the filling of the pie extremely well.

The pie was also accompanied by a light salad drizzled with wine vinaigrette and citrus balsamic vinegar. The pie and salad combo was really filling and is surprisingly substantial enough to constitute as a meal with an eclair for dessert, of course.

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If you’re not sure which eclair to pick from the wide selection available, definitely give the Ispahan a try. The Ispahan, a rose cream, lychee and raspberry flavoured eclair is no doubt one of the fanciest and ‘pink-est’ eclairs I have ever seen, but contrary to its appearance, tastes light and not too sickly-sweet. The fresh raspberries in the eclair also add a fruity tang to the otherwise smooth and fragrant cream filling.

If you’re not a fan of fruity flavours, then you should definitely give the Vanilla & Pecans eclair a try. The caramelised pecans that are scattered over the white chocolate vanilla glaze on top of the eclair gives the decadent dessert an interesting crunch. I was also extremely pleased that the vanilla cream in the eclair was whipped to a perfect consistency and not runny at all I could use a fork to pick up a piece of the eclair and not make a mess!

If you’ve got an insatiable sweet tooth or simply love your desserts, be sure to head down to L’eclair by Sarah Michelle to get your eclair fix!

Prices of eclairs range from $7.50 to $8.50 each.
L’eclair by Sarah Michelle is located at 190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore Shopping Centre, #01-28.

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