Mexican food is a kind of cuisine I will never tire. From tacos to burritos and fajitas, there’s always something new that you can put into your burrito – and it will still taste good.

Lower East Side Taqueria serves up Mexican cuisine with a twist, adding squid and cumin to some of its dishes, while also proving that Mexico has the hottest chilli in the world. Its dishes are available at three levels of spiciness: Level One uses bird’s eye chilli, Level Two uses habanero chilli, and Level Three uses the insanity sauce – which might leave you tearing up and gasping for iced water or milk seconds after trying it.

lower east interior_0.png

Name of restaurant: Lower East Taqueria
Type of cuisine: Mexican
Ambience: Located in the heart of Katong, with famous eateries like Katong Laksa, Everything with Fries and Awfully Chocolate, Lower East Taqueria stands out with its quirky and casual interior of upcycled furnishings – wooden parts have been taken from shipyards and turned into the tables you see at the restaurant.

Must tries:

pork belly taco_0.png

The pork belly taco (single $11, trio $28) is a very interesting dish if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Slow-cooked and marinated in a homemade ancho chilli paste, the pork is sweet and tender, while leaving a lingering smoky taste in your mouth. Complete with sweet corn salsa, onion-and-pepper slaw and a drop of sour cream, the taco is flavourful with just the right about of meat and fat.

chicken burrito.png

If you’re new to the Mexican food scene, you might want to try the cumin and grilled chicken burrito ($13). A crisp wrap stuffed with char-grilled chicken, bacon, pinto beans and cilantro-and-lime rice, the burrito has cumin added into it too, giving it a nice added spice.


For those who cannot take the fiery spiciness of the various chillies, the horchata ($5) does a great job in tempering your burning tongue. A traditional Mexican beverage, the drink is made from rice grains, almonds, cinnamon and condensed milk all blended together, creating a milky and refreshing concoction.


Food review rating: 4 out of 5
Albeit spicy, the food at Lower East Side Taqueria is flavourful and fresh, and is probably one of the few Mexican eateries in the East that is so authentic and good.

Lower East Side Taqueria is located at 19 East Coast Road. For more information about Lower East Taqueria, visit its website at

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