Kagawa may be the smallest prefecture in Japan, yet it is widely known for its “Sanuki” udon, which is hailed as one of the top three types of udon noodles in Japan. Although udon is one of our favourite noodles to eat together with steamboat, most of us have only tried frozen udon before, which is rather hard and unsatisfying.

Keyaki’s latest seasonal promotion serves up seafood and freshly handmade udon, with udon noodle chef Takaaki Kagawa specially flown in from Kagawa to do live demonstrations right in front of you during lunch and dinner.

Keyaki - Tatami room.png

Name of restaurant: Keyaki
Type of cuisine: Japanese
Ambience: Although Keyaki is a fine dining restaurant; it gives off a very traditional Japanese vibe, letting you feel like you are eating in a restaurant in Japan itself. With tatami rooms and even a garden outside with a pavilion, Keyaki is the epitome of a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Must tries:

Udon Noodle in Soup.png

Keyaki’s “Sanuki” udon noodles are definitely my favourite dish in the entire Kagawa promotion. Firm, chewy and cooked al dente, the noodles are thick and fresh; freshly cut and cooked by chef Takaaki Kagawa. One taste of the fresh handmade udon will definitely make you not want to touch frozen udon again.

Gazami Crab Hot Pot.png

The “gazami” crab hotpot is yet another dish that wow-ed us even before we tried it. As the huge pot of soup filled with assorted mushrooms, vegetables, and a huge crab was placed before us, the fragrance of the broth could already be smelled. The crab is sweet and tender, and melts in the mouth.

Tofu Ice-cream with Soy Sauce.png

Dessert at Keyaki is a unique and refreshing one. The tofu ice-cream is served with soy sauce in a separate bowl. On first look, it might seem odd to have ice-cream with soy sauce, but when eaten together, the tofu ice-cream and soy sauce makes a refreshing combination, tasting almost like salted caramel.


Food review rating: 4 out of 5
If you’re an udon lover looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience, you’ll definitely not want to miss Keyaki’s seasonal promotion.

The Kagawa seasonal promotion at Keyaki is available from now until December 1, 2013, and the live udon making demonstration is held until November 18, 2013. You can choose from three different five-course udon lunch sets ($55), the Sanuki set meal ($130) and Seto set menu ($160).

Keyaki is located at Pan Pacific Hotel, Level Four, 7 Raffles Boulevard. For more information on Keyaki, visit its website at http://www.panpacific.com/en/singapore/restaurants_bars/keyaki.html.