Looking for an alternative to the gym? Or a fitness class without repetitive moves? Then you may want to try out Zumba fitness.

Five reasons why Zumba fitness might be good for you

The exercise’s motto is “ditch the workout, join the party” and according to freelance Zumba fitness instructor Melvyn Goh, “it’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, dance fitness-party” — a message clearly shown when he and a group of other Zumba enthusiasts held the Zumba Fever Party on April 18 that saw “master instructor” David Velez leading the crowd in a 90-minute sweat-inducing session at Zouk.

Here’s why Zumba fitness might be the next class you should sign up for:

1) It’s easy to pick up: “Zumba Fitness is basically suitable for all people, even someone in a wheelchair can do it,” says Melvyn.

2) It’s fun: The exercise incorporates Latin-dance inspired moves, so by the end of the session, you wouldn’t  feel like you’ve just completed a workout. It’s more “focused on letting the music move you instead of counting reps over the music, thus creating a party-like atmosphere.”

3) It’s for all ages: Children from 4 to 12 years old can choose to do Zumbatomic that uses music and moves children love while Zumba Gold targets individuals with little exercise experience, and inactive, more mature adults up to their 70s.

4) Every one’s there to have fun, too: Having attended a Zumba class myself, I can say that the atmosphere’s relaxed. Unlike some of the more intimidating classes at the gym where participants already seem to know the moves, there were people at my class who were in it just for the experience. The instructor also kept things fresh without repeating too many moves.

5) It’s fashionable: Lisa Kong, who used to work in IT and is now a homemaker and mother of three, signed up in 2010 to train as an instructor because she loved “the music, the simple moves, the variety and especially love the Zumba apparel.”

Five reasons why Zumba fitness might be good for you

The Zumba party at Zouk

As for what advice he’d give to those trying hard to lose weight? Diet is key and even more important than you think as Melvyn says a whopping “70%-90% of overall results come from the diet you take, so eat wisely.” 

Of course, unless you’re a glutton for punishment, he also mentions “looking for an exercise program that you love to do and it will become a lifestyle and not something you dread doing.”

For more information on Zumba fitness, contact Raelene Soo at raexu@yahoo.com.sg or Melvyn Goh at melvyn_goh@yahoo.com. Log on to zumbafeverparty.blogspot.com for more on Zumba Fever Party.