If you were excited about news that Shake Shack was coming to Singapore, you’re going to be ecstatic when US burger joint Five Guys actually opens here later in the year. 

Five Guys is one of the best burger joints in America and is known for their customisable burgers, crispy fries and hand-spun milkshakes. 

Zouk Group, the local clubbing organisation, is now venturing into the lifestyle sectors and teaming up with the big leagues. 

That’s a definite win for us. 

While we anticipate its arrival, here are some things you’ve got to know about Five Guys and why you will need to check them out. 


1. The Virginia-based chain was named the No.1 favourite burger brand of America for two years

Photo: Instagram / @Fiveguys 


The home-grown brand was started in Virginia by the Murrell family, whose dream was to sell authentic American burgers. It was run as a family joint until they began franchising in 2003. 

The brand now has over 1,600 outlets all over the world. 

According to Five Guys, another 1,500 stores worldwide. While it has become international, the Murrell family is still part of the company’s daily operations.

Not only were they named best brand but Five Guys was also certified as one of the best workplaces to work in the US by the Great Place to Work organisation, and was also listed among Forbes’ Top 500 Best Employers.


2. There are more than 250,000 ways to order your burger

Photo: Five Guys 

Five guys is famously known for their customisable burgers. While there is a great menu, customers are welcome to customise and add on any ingredients they choose.

Best part? Toppings like grilled mushrooms, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes and others are all free.

You can simply create your own burger or add on to an existing one. 

The menu (as shown above) won’t have any local inclusions or twist but rest assured that the menu in Singapore will retain its similarity to America’s Five Guys burger joints.

Fun fact: President Barack Obama’s personalised burger is a cheeseburger topped  with mustard, tomatoes, lettuce and jalapeno peppers. 


3. They are dead serious when it comes to their fries – and they claim to make healthier versions too

Photo: Instagram / @FiveGuys

The Five Guys aren’t just known for their burgers, many would argue that the real show-stopper is their fries. 

Coming in two flavours, Cajun or Five Guys Style, they take the cooking process very seriously. 

Every single batch of fries is cooked perfectly, golden-brown and crispy.

Promising to use peanut oil and nothing else, the fries are cooked in a healthier method than your average fast food wedges. 

The employees cut them by hand and soak them in water to rinse off the starch, resulting in a better texture when fried, according to Five Guys.

 Not to mention, their generous servings are welcome by all.


4. Strict kitchen rules

Photo: Instagram / @FiveGuys 

They don’t have freezers in their kitchens.

That’s right, you heard it right. This means that every patty they make is freshly made and personally moulded, making your burgers extra tender and juicy. 

Also, timers aren’t allowed because “good cooks know when food is done.”

French fries must be shaken exactly 15 times to season each fry perfectly and there are clear rules for where each ingredient goes within the burger – and no matter how crazy the customised order is, the rules have to be followed. 

We’re guessing that these strict protocols will have to be followed in Singapore too.


5. Milkshakes were only added after 28 years

Photo: Instagram / @FiveGuys 

While milkshakes have become almost a staple at burger joints, Five Guys only added them to the menu after 28 years. Good things must be worth the wait because these are definitely a crowd favourite. 

These bad boys are hand-spun vanilla milkshakes. 

Their customisation menu continues to this beverage as customers can choose free mix-ins at no extra costs such as coffee, chocolate, oreos, bananas, salted caramel and even… bacon.

The mix-ins differ with location so we’ll have to wait and see what will be served at the local outlet.